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Prospects of University courses review: How likely are you to get a job if you study certain courses


Prospects of University courses review: How likely are you to get a job if you study certain courses, for example Law used to be very popular but these days its saturated. While Marketing and Media has seen a boom in recent years.

Choosing the best and prosperous career in life has been identified to be the secret to successful accomplishment in ones endeavours. Research has revealed that a wisely chosen career will lead the prospect to a promising destination, while a wrongly chosen career is a navigation towards an uninteresting  end and this can be suicidal.

Therefore, for the sake of career development, it is necessary to evaluate courses that should be studied at the University and why it is necessary to study these courses viz a viz the need to review University courses for better national development.

Empirical evidences have shown that review of University courses will put an end to massive unemployment in Nigeria, which  is currently pervading the country. This is because there are some courses studied at the University that are not actually needed or no longer in vogue in the society, due to technological advancement and innovations. Meanwhile, the few jobs available in the private sector are insufficient when compared with large number of graduates turned out yearly.

Similarly, the review will give better job prospects to teeming youths, because the reviewed courses will be channeled towards employability and entrepreneurship. It will give birth to societal reform whereby there will be increased social and governmental demands for research  development and economic liberty. Thus, prospective graduates will be more productive and useful by providing amongst other technical and managerial support to the society.

For example, a review of the Information Technology Management course in tertiary institutions will ensure better enhancement of ICT equipments, software, system technology and information security; while it will also encourage graduates to be entrepreneurs who will in turn enhance public infrastructural development that will bring about economical and technological turn around for the nation.

Also, review of University courses will ensure access to new knowledge, to learn from others experience which can in turn bring about new innovation in different fields. This as a result will enhance the zeal of the students to carry out research that will evolve greater evolution of new ideas in the system, thereby discouraging the study of courses that may not have good prospect.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to note that review of the University course will ensure scientific and technological reinvention for the people to remain relevant to the growing trends in the society. This is because in advanced countries there are usually adequate plans projected for years to come, and it in turn instill sense of belonging to the citizens so that they will be rightfully keyed into the society.

This review will nevertheless imbibe in the youths sellable knowledge and skills that will boost their output, improve manpower that will enable them meet up with demanding career needs and productivity.

It will therefore reposition the Nigeria education sector to an understandable , objective, measurable and organised goals, to enhance national advancement.

To further explore the beauty of education, it is necessary to examine identified areas students can easily crave a niche for a prosperous and industrious career because in advanced countries, on a yearly basis, there is a projection of careers that will be needed and the training of students are tailored on this career pattern. The following are some of the careers identified, though the list is endless:

The health sector: this is one of the most patronised sectors  in Nigeria today and they are well paid. Professionals in this area of study lacks no job because they are indispensable even at entry level. In Nigeria, medicine, health care, nursing, dental and other areas of specialisation in the health sector is still the best to study and there are jobs available.

In Nigeria, arguably there is no jobless Doctors or nurses, etc, though the salary may not be much at the entry level but within few years, you will be surprised at your pay, particularly with the  latest innovations in the health sector like biomedical engineering, telemedicine and others.

The Engineering sector is another  indispensable  job, despite unemployment in Nigeria, they are still in high demand at both bluechip companies and local market. Specifically, telecommunication, drilling, application development, Information Technology specialist, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, and other specialised fields in the Engineering profession are in hot demand.

Also, Mass Communication/Journalism/ Multimedia Technology is another career people are seriously excelling,as it is obvious that information is power; even a one-time Head of State in Nigeria affirmed that “the pen is mightier than the gun” and therefore bestowed due regards to the gentlemen of the press during his tenure. Thus, this is one of the most interesting fields in Nigeria and had even continued to absolve non professionals who possess the skills and talents or flair in the discharge of the duties.

It remains a very marketable course and the latest innovation in the field now is digital mass communication otherwise known as multimedia technology, professionals are being trained in line with the growing trends in the profession. If you choose this career, It is either you work in the broadcast media, print media, online media, book publishing, public relations, advertising, cinematography and many more.

Basically, the list of areas you can fix yourself to make a living and enjoy your career in mass communication is enormous, though you might not be highly paid but you will make an average living.

Compared with mass communication and seriously in hot demand today in Nigeria is marketing. This is because Nigerians have now realised the impeccable role of marketing strategies and research in the growth  of an organization, therefore in a bit to make profit every firm needs a professional marketing executive. Marketing at this end does not mean sales boys and girls but professionals who are endowed with skills to assist you establish and sustain your business with the aim of satisfying Customers needs and maximising profits.

Therefore, as the economy develops, marketers will always be needed to strategise and restrategise for the growth of the company. Today, we have the evolution of various arms in marketing like telemarketing and others.

Agricultural sector is another quick money making business for young graduates, and they become employer of labour. Today in Nigeria there are many agro businesses with very low competition because agricultural products are in high demand continuously. Therefore, a career chosen in the agricultural sector is sure a success and this day there are lots of areas of specialisation in agriculture like poultry, mechanised farming, and others; while environmental courses are also good to be studied at the University. This is because the world is gradually advancing to the green world which will involve green energy, green production, to provide better opportunities to the old and stereotypes natures currently in place. Therefore, students can decide to study about nuclear energy in the University or solar energy, biotechnology, bioremediation and others.

Architecture/building /surveyors/ estate management: these courses are still in hot demand in Nigeria as people continually invest in property. A good professional qualification in the above courses can earn you a good job at construction companies, surveying and other property jobs which  is making waves, particularly as they can be self employed, even right from when they are in school.

Education: in case you want to remain relevant in your profession for a longer time and you become respected emperor, a good advance in education is a better option. You are going to be very relevant in the system and will easily get job at entry point even if it’s not at exorbitant  salary. After your retirement, you can be hired as a lecturer on contract basis and there have been continued demand for academics every year in and out. Therefore, it is a better option for youths to make a career.

Summarily put, in choosing a career, it is very important to put God first in the spate of securing desire and strong taste for the best career, because a stammerer can never be a marketer and a dwarf can never be a soldier. Therefore, place yourself in the right direction through self development, acquisition of additional qualifications and all that can manage your career progression.


Ayonkunle I.

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