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Why women think Nigerian men are not Romantic


Romance can come in any form no matter how minute the romantic gesture. It may be a candlelight dinner at a 5-star hotel, holding hands on the streets of Lagos or a vacation.  Despite this,  women want more. Moreover, they complain that the romantic spark is absent in their relationships leading to this widespread perception that Nigerian men are not romantic. Is it really true that these studs, six pack guys are not romantic? They are not according to women. Here are some reasons why women think Nigerian men are disinterested in romance.


He is a classic African man

Thanks to this generation, there is a bit of romance in many relationships compared to the past. Until now, it was rare to see a man opening the car door for a woman to step. It was only seen in American. How will today’s cosmopolitan woman describe romance in such a generation? Nonetheless, there are some men out there that do not see the relevance of romance in relationships.


Men think romance is all about sex

Dear Nigerian men romance is not all about sex. Being romantic goes beyond sex. There are little love expressions  that you can display towards your partner like complimenting the cooking of your partner especially when the food is fantastic, helping in house chores, saying I love you and helping with her sit on a date. It doesn’t take anything from you. In fact, this will spice your love life.

You have to be brave to try this in a busy mall

Ashamed of Public Display of Affection (PDA)

In Nigeria, Public Display of Affection is a rare occurrence. For those who attempt it, the eyes shot at them by onlookers will immediately prompt them to stop the display. This is not surprising because Nigeria is a conservative society.

Some women prefer money over romance

Why should a Nigerian man care about romance if his lover prefers money over romance? If you buy her an expensive rose on her birthday, she may not appreciate it. Rather than buying her a rose, she prefers you give her the money. So, when he gives you money without an iota of romance, do not complain!


He is too obsessed with work

A man is the breadwinner of his family. He works day and night to make provisions for them. His obsession with  work and making money  overrides other things including romance. Perhaps, women should communicate with their lovers and tell them about their feelings about romance because some men her know next to nothing about romance.

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