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The Evolution of Football..boots


I may have just read one of the best articles on the evolution of football boots here. I would share it here because i think you should read it, but for the lazy readers, I’ll retell the story in pictures and as little words as I can.

To the ardent lovers of football, the story of Adidas and Puma King may not  be a new one. For the rest of us who have multiple loves in our lives, here’s the short version: Adidas was created by two brothers in 1954. They created the first improvement to “cleats” this hideous thing down here↓

old football boots

They were made of heavy leather and studs that made any careless moves or stunts impossible. To make it worse, they can weigh up to 1kg each when it rains! Imagine logging around 2kg trying to get at a ball?

Anyways, for some hard to explain reason, the Adidas brothers split up leaving one brother, Adi, holding up Adidas while the other brother, Rudolf, went on to create Puma King. Separately, they both did their best promoting their brands through the 60s.

new football boots

Here is Puma’s 2015 contribution to the industry. It’s only difference from their earliest design, seem to only be colors. Nothing added in design.


Here is the famous Adidas Copa Mundials which are still the greatest football boot in existence and according to JJ they are

Beautiful in design, they feel like the most comfortable of slippers and were worn by the stars of the ’74, ’78 and ’82 World Cups

Joining the game, Nike contributed their quota in black and white and a mash up of Adidas and Puma with this ↓


Coincidence or what?


Jump to 2000s! Here are the yummy goodness now offered in stored as boots and they have all crazy super hero/villain names too!

Nike Mecurial Superfly

Nike Mecurial Superfly


predator boots

Adidas Predators


Adidas knitted Predator looking like freshly baked cake


Even more recent are these laceless Adidas boots Mesut Ozil will be strolling onto the field with up there in neon green. With Laces gone, What next? Wings, maybe?




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