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Another wonderful post by Ibukun Awosika this Wednesday! Enjoy!

You hurt me too many times,
I lost count.
You hurt me when you didn’t even let me finish.
You hurt me when you asked if I wanted us to be over,
Even though that was what I wanted.
You hurt me when you walked away,
And when you never looked back.
To be fair, I hurt youbtoo,
But you didn’t fight.
You hurt me over and over again,
Treating me like trash,
Yiull hurt me, you hurt me,
Too many times I lost count.
But I can forgive,
We can move past this, leave the past
Where it belongs.
But you keep hurting me,
Regardless of how I feel,
But I bear it.
My smile masking my pain,
As you cut even deeper,
I forgive,
I let go.
But this?
I tried,
I tried to let go.
But you hurt need the most,
When you put your feelings before our friendship.
After all this time,
All the hurt,
You hurt me, you hurt me,
This one time,
I’ll keep count.

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