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Iyawo Oba 7


New post by Akinbobola Adeyemo in his Iyawo Oba series today! Read, enjoy, share!




Like rodents in grey

They sneak up on the unsuspecting





Bringing wonder to the once clueless

Oh for sure they were once oblivious you see

And rage to one..

Who has known only calm like sunshine


Leading you to death

Bringers of rain

Harbingers of hope?


No no

Don’t tell me that

For they came when….


They hide under shadows

Moving as you move

Stop when you stop

Turn around in wonder with you too

They hang around your person

Not Imitations


They move unnoticed

Unperturbed by illumination

And emotion.


They can also mirror the elements

Oh my God,

Are you serious?

Baba said so too

He said: They rise with the sun and the moon

They are day

They are night


Baba continued:

‘But no

I lied

Did I say the child was done?

The child is never done asking

For something flows from the eternal fountain of youth

An elixir the child cannot control

The child will not control

There is nothing to do about it

To the curiosity of youth

Curiosity fueled by the evasiveness of elders

Why do they shield such wisdom?

See? Another reason to be young…

For the young

The child thought by virtue of her mother

That she was stupid

Young and stupid she called it

The child thought to herself:

Mother has two hands

So do I

Two eyeballs

So do I

Two legs

So do I

She has seen the years flash by

I have seen them too

So tell me why?

Why won’t she let me know of my father?

The child was plagued

The elders, fabled to have all the answers

They had refused her such wisdom.

But the young,

Always seeking for answers

And in never relenting

Never laying on back to catch breath

With fate beckoning

And destiny a stone throw away

Urging them on

Almost can they taste victory

But the sweetness eludes them

Everything seems sour

Like unripe fruits and spoiled vegetables.

Mother nature watches the children

Strutting aimlessly

Bragging about instant riches

Riches as fickle as the life they cling to

Loathing the weak

And despising the poor

They spit on the memory of hardwork

But once in a while

Like the coming of a newborn

Youth emerges

Complete with innocence

Breaks free

Well maybe not completely

Trapezes through treacherous caves

Unperturbed by whips

As applied to dampen imagination and resolve

So comes in the child laden with doubt

And quest for knowledge

The kind that knows no limits.

The child had had enough

So she decided to challenge ‘Fujabi the village masquerade’

She had never understood why her mother,

Every morning since childhood

Had taken breakfast to the masquerade.

The mere significance of this act struck the child

And she decided to challenge her mother’s authority

So the child went to the village square

And threw a stone at Fujabi’


Baba sighed:



Omo Omojolape

Oko Ojo

*The drumming stopped abruptly*

You have been chosen

*The drumming resumed*


Omobolanle smiled and danced forward

The queen had promised her after all

Olori Folake let out a smirk

The prince noticed this

And smelled trouble.


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