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Paul speaks more on P-Square break up, why he chose to run personal music business (See Video)


By now it is clear to the world that Peter and Paul Okoye have parted ways as a music group, and as hard as it this sounds everyone has to get used to the new formula and move on.

Since their break up and the frenzy in the wake of it, fans and critics of the Nigerian music industry have spoken from different angles with some, even though a tiny group, believing the entire move is a PR stunt.


But as the days go by and with newer steps from the brothers, it’s become clearer that P-Square is done for good.

There have been solo songs, changes in stage name and new managers and artistes to say the least – all lending strong credence to the new solo careers the brothers have chosen.

In the light of this, Paul Okoye has spoken to MTV Base on his new music path and more.

On what he has been up to lately, Paul said:

“A lot has been happening but I just wanna keep it private cuz it’s a private thing.

“But what I’ve been busy doing now is I have two new artistes Muno and Lucy.”

He then talked about plans to promote the new artistes who are signed to his Rude Boy record label.

On what inspired his Rude Boy record company, the singer said he wanted an avenue where he could express creative control of his music business more.

He said:

“I decided to open the Rude Boy record because I needed an avenue whereby I can be free and kinda express myself. You know when you have too many board members handling stuff, you don’t easily take decisions.

“You get to hold different kind of meetings before you take decisions and for me when you delay like that whatever I have inside of me is gone. So I needed an avenue whereby I just wanna do me. I just wanna express myself.”

He also spoke on how he met his new artistes and got them signed up to his music label, what he looks out for in new artistes before signing them on to his label as well how he reacts to negative comments on social media.

He added that haters on social media are important as well as they help keep an artiste on check.

Speaking on Davido’s Sony Music deal, he explained that the partnership will help circulate the singer’s music to a larger audience base and save him the time and hassle he would expend on this ordinarily.

According to Paul Okoye, the Do Me album is the most successful P-Square album they ever made. The singer recently dropped a new single titled Call Heaven. On the 1:41 seconds emotion-laden song, he reaches out to their parents saying if they had been around things would not have gone the way it has.

See Paul’s full interview on MTV Base below:

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