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10 People Social Media Made Famous In Nigeria (Photos)


From Instagram comedians to twitter warlords, here are the list of people social media made famous in Nigeria.

1. Omojuwa:

Top on our list is this very vocal political pundit known for throwing endless criticism at the government regardless of who is involved. He does this with loads of vulgarity and sarcasm. He became popular by being active on twitter during last year’s elections.



2. Vic O:

This gentleman rose to stardom from his videos on youtube. I can’t really categorize what he does as rap, but He sees himself as the greatest rapper ever liveth.With numerous beef tracks and hit songs, surely social media gave him a shot to stardom.


Vic O

3. Craze Clown and Ade:

These two will make you cry while laughing. They are comedians with raw talents dishing out skits we all can relate with.


Craze Clown And Ade

4. Aphican Ape:

Dami Olatunde popularly known as African Ape is another Instagram comedian that will keep you laughing over and over again. With Bsc, MBA and Msc to his name, you will be surprised He has chosen to be a comedian.


Aphrican Ape

5. Ayedee:

Another political pundit, who proudly supported PDP during the last general elections and constantly criticises the government without any atom of fear. He had a run-in with Linda Ikeji a while back but that didn’t make him as famous as of now that he takes shots at any APC twitter warlord.



6. Wofaifada:

Wofai is a female that has created a place for herself in the comedy sector as she rolls out funny skits with celebrities and other comedians. She became popular with her very funny videos on instagram, always very witty. With 166k followers, she is surely making people laugh.



7. Maheeda:

The Naija Bad Girl as she call herself is yet another controversial but popular figure on social media. She has become our very own Kim Kardashian as she constantly produces Unclad pictures and videos from time to time. Instagram has shut her down a couple of times, but she is still shining. Her music career didn’t give her much buzz as social media has done for her so far.



8. Olajumoke Orisaguna:

Olajumoke Orisaguna is a Nigerian model who came to notice when she appeared on the cover of a magazine before she was employed as a model. The story was reported in various media including CNN. Nigeria’s favourite bread seller fortunes changed almost overnight after “photobombing” a celebrity.

Olajumoke Orisaguna

Olajumoke Orisaguna

9. OvieO:

Also know as Ovie of NotJustOk, is an entertainment curator extraordinaire and the co-owner of Notjustok.com. His popularity has grown beyond the shores of Nigeria as his constant critique of Nigerian entertainers has gained him much followership on twitter and Instagram.



10. Francis Odega:

AKA Mr. Gerarahere, became instantly famous when 50 Cent posted a scene from a movie he did and used the phrase ‘Gerarahere Mehn’, ever since he has become a brand new celebrity known all around the world with endorsement from Etisalat Nigeria.


Francis Odega

Surely, social media has the power to change a nobody to a somebody.

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