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Hello Toyota, bye Peugeot: Top 5 Cars For Executives:

  1. Remember back in the days when the Peugeot cars were the standard issue Nigerian Government vehicles? Now of course it seems like Toyota has taken over and is here to stay. Here are some of the most common Toyota cars our ogas at the top corporate leaders use often in their convoys as they  zoom past with their sirens make business trips to seal contracts:1. Toyota Prado


    This SUV is one of the best SUVs in the world and is designed to perfectly operate on dilapidated roads, some of which are very common in Nigeria. This SUV comes in 4 models, namely: 10 seater MT FS, 8 seater MT FS, 8 seater AT LS, and VX 8 seater 80 LS. The departure angles and high approach as well as its high ground clearance, makes the Prado ideal for rough terrain. The drive true performance of this SUV is excellent as a result of its full time 4WD system, which makes it easy while changing between the high and low gear setting.

    2. Toyota Landcruiser


    The Landcruiser is a very elegant, rugged SUV that offers so much luxury and comfort to its occupant. This rugged 4WD vehicle has conquered the toughest terrains around the world in style and it’s well designed to ply on roads such as ours. Nigerian executives love to use the landcruiser because of its reliability, ruggedness and design that blends very much with the corporate world. The Landcruiser comes in five variants, namely: LC 200 GX 9 seater MT, LC 200 GX 8 Seater MT, LC 200 GX 8 Seater AT FS, LC 200 GX 8 AT LS and LC 200 VX 8 AT LS KDSS. They basically come with a 5 or 6-Speed automatic transmissions, giving them the power to breeze through difficult terrains.

    3. Toyota Camry


    This is one of Toyota best sellers of all time. The Camry is one of the best designed Toyota Sedan cars known for its durability, quality and reliability. The Camry comes in two model variants that include the Sedan 2.5 Liter engine with Push-start, automatic Leather Seat and the 3.5 Liter engine with push start automatic leather seats. The Camry is very elegant and most companies in Nigeria love to use this car very much because of its wonderful design that makes it suitable and perfect for the image brand of most organizations. Its high performance and quality is wonderfully matched with its good safety features and track record, which ensures that you drive around in safety, comfort and style.

    4. Toyota Corolla


    The Toyota Corolla, just like the Camry Sedan, is a very wonderful and rugged vehicle. Its design is simply breathtaking and keys into the corporate image and brand of most organizations. This Sedan delivers stable and smooth performance while effortlessly generating power for driving pleasure. The Corolla exudes a distinctive presence as a result of its advanced styling and its expansive cabin space. Some of its product variants include 1.6 MT, 1.6 AT, 1.8Xli MT, and 1.6GLi AT. Some state-of-the-features included in the Corolla Sedan are Optitron meters, which help to provide improved visibility, a drive monitor that displays cruising range, average fuel consumption, current fuel consumption, drive time and average vehicle speed and many other amazing features.

    5. Toyota Avensis


    Although not as popular as the previous two, the Toyota Avensis is taking the Sedan car market by storm and it’s quickly becoming one of the best car brands for corporate executives. This car offers so much comfort, style and features while delivering effortless performance in safety. The Styling of the Avensis makes it one of the most loved cars in the Toyota range of sedans and it also gives it a dynamic and unique presence.

    Photo Credit: toyotanigeria.com adapted from Nigerian Bulletin

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