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Some lies Lagosians tell villagers


– Lagosians hold strongly the believe that they are wise than villagers

– They are quick to give a different impression of how the city is to villagers

For a lot of people living outside Lagos especially those living in rural area, they dream of one day coming to the city. These people get to hear a lot of things about Lagos that usually; they’re left disappointed on their first visit. This is because people in Lagos sometimes give a wrong impression or half-truth about how the city is like and what actually happens there. Here are some lies Lagosians tell people in Lagos.

Lagos is paradise

People who live outside Lagos have the impression that their brother living in the city is living a dream life. They think the city is El Dora do and that kings and queens dine in their palace every day. Sometimes, this perception is induced by the huge spending Lagosians engage in when they are in the village and they fuel this wrong impression by giving a mental description of how everything in the city is perfect. You’ll be surprised to know that those people spending money like royals in the village actually sweat like slaves to make a living. For want of making an impression, they would not mind saving all year to behave like kings. A visit to Lagos would show you both paradise and hell as the city is a paradox of its own self.

Everyone in Lagos is wise

Of course you need to be on the top of your reasoning in Lagos but the same applies anywhere in Nigeria. Lagosians are quick to point out to people not living in Lagos that the city is only for people who are reasonable. You’ll almost think everyone dwelling in the city is the descendant of Einstein. These same people are sometimes easily preyed upon when they are in the village. Everyone in Lagos is not a great grandchild of Einstein.

Bad Network

Lagosians are quick to point out to themselves that the network is bad. You can be certain the lie is bigger when they’re dealing with people who don’t live in the city. If you call someone in Lagos especially when the issue has to do with money, you can bet the person will ignore the call. Send a text message and you’ll get a confirmation that the message has delivered but you might still not get a response. After a while when the issue has disappeared into thin air, call the person and he’ll pick the call at the first ring. It’s very likely he’ll deny the message and insist the calls were disconnecting before he could answer them.

I’ll send the money next week

Next week seems like a very long time to Lagosians and so they are quick to promise to send money the following week when you ask for money. You’ll be left shocked if the following week arrives and he still says the money will be sent in another week. It’s a very comfortable lie to some Lagosians but smarter people don’t mind doing the journey to Lagos to collect the money. To some Lagosians, Next week seems like next year.

Non-Lagosians don’t know what is happening

Lagosians are notorious for the Non Lagosians the impression that they have no idea what is happening in Nigeria and the rest of the world. Even in this computer age where everything can be accessed from a mobile phone, Lagosians still feel people in the village are bereaved of knowledge and that they only pick the remnants of what Lagosians have already consumed.

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