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11 White Items To Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe For A Classic Look


White! So FRESH,  CHIC and CLEAN, especially in monochrome. We see white essentials everywhere. On the streets, red carpet, in stores etc. White seems to be the trend of 2015. If you don’t know how to slay in white clothings or are wondering what pieces you’ll need in your wardrobe, then this article is for you.

Here are 11 best white pieces that help hit the refresh button in your wardrobe:

1. White Strap Sandals.

2. White Cross Button Blazer.

3. White shoulder bag

4. White Crop Top/ bustier.

5. White distressed jeans.

6. White oversized tee

7. White Pleated Trouser/ Cigarette pants.

8. White Lace Romper.

9. White Wrap Skirt.

10. White Crepe Dress.

21 Ways To Incorporate White Into Your Spring Wardrobe
11. White sneakers
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