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Ashish’s London Fashion Week Show Featured All Black Models (and Kimye)




You can always count on Ashish to have one of the most sunglasses-requiringly dazzling runways of London Fashion Week. Today’s show was also dripping with more sequins than a Mardi Gras parade, but it wasn’t just dem bedazzled jeans or the fluffy platforms soon to come to Topshop/eBay giving us life. It was the models.
Ashish is the only designer this season to have cast a lineup off all-black models. With the pasty lolita look making an undeniable resurgence on the New York runways, it’s cool to see a hyped designer making a strong but not weird and contrived statement about the continued dominance of white faces despite model diversity being an ongoing conversation.
On an equally commendable note, a sequin sweatshirt featuring hand-embroidered Kimye and copious amounts of YAAS. Didn’t think they’d show up ’til Paris, did you? See some of our favorite shots from the show below.


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