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Its clear Kenya is becoming the epicentre for innovation and development in Africa with the majority of the apps listed below developed there mainly for android and non-smart phone users. In doubt search for apps in Africa, and Kenya keeps popping up all over the place. What’s fascinating is that these apps are not social media centric or gaming, as most apps have become today, rather these are apps that have been developed to positively impact lives of users, spread across various platforms from web to non-smart phones. Below is the first half of Kenya’s most innovative apps, these apps were created for Africans, by Africans: 1.      MPAYER: This is an app that helps users manage their cash and mobile money payments, supporting local business; it helps shoppers to pay for goods in a convenient way. The app also encourages customer feedback and real-time payment, making business faster and leaving customers happier. mpayer 2.      KASHA.MOBI: The kasha.mobi app gives ensures security and peace-of-mind, as it allows users to secure their data, providing services to store passwords and login details. It also saves text messages (SMS) at a secure location, so users can safeguard information contained within the message, by simply forwarding the text message to kasha.mobi after joining, which makes internet banking a bit safer. To retrieve messages, log into the mobisite and follow the links.  Platform: Text-based 3.      M-FARM: An app developed specifically for the African market, allows local Kenyan farmers to get up-to-date information on crop prices and farming-related matters. Farmers simply SMS 3535 to get information about the retail price of their products, buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favourable prices, and find buyers for their produce. Since most farmers don’t have access to reliable internet connections, this SMS-based app is also a big selling-point for farmers, who are enabled to keep up with market updates and the competition. m-farm 4.      M-PEDIGREE: Here is an app that helps determine the authenticity of medications. A non-profit based in Ghana, the platform has also been endorsed by the Kenyan government in an advocate for the development of strategies to fight counterfeiting. When customers buy a pharmaceutical product, a verification strip can be scratched off to reveal a number. When this number is texted to M-Pedigree, the response will alert users to the validity status of the medicine bought. mPedigree 5.      ELIMU: The app (through the eLimu tablet) is engaging Kenyan primary school students in the learning process by shifting the way we think about education. It is an initiative that uses content correlating to the national curriculum modernized up with animations, videos, songs, games and quizzes to make the learning process more interactive, interesting, fun and engaging for students. Designed to make not only an educational, but also a social impact, eLimu includes extended learning content that focuses on responsible citizenship (environmental, human rights, civic justice and even curriculum on personal financial literacy.) elimu Written By: Olusola Agbaje

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