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5 Useful tips for growing traffic to a business website



Whenever a business name is mentioned, one may be tempted to find online details on websites and level of impact created by the business i.e. traffic to the website hosting the business readily comes to mind. That may be largely linked to perceived marginal returns produced for high amount of traffic generated for a business website. In recent times, performance index for many businesses are measured in terms online awareness of businesses products and services to potential customers. TrafficWebsite The success of businesses since the era of Internet and social media platforms is traffic-based owing to the need to make information about businesses, location for services and goods, and accessibility of business products (i.e. visibility) to prospective customers. The term traffic simply means the number of visitors and readers of contents of the websites at a particular time. In past five years, most of the businesses have massively developed contents about their products and services online using website services to reach larger customers, advertise goods and services, improve profit margin, reduce time for breaking information and news about business innovations, and reduction in cost and limitations with traditional ways of doing businesses that it’s gradually phrasing out.  As technology continues to grow and so is the quest for faster access to reliable business contents through Internet-enabled smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. Growing a business website’s traffic may include these tips below: Quality of Content – One of the most potent tools of generating traffic in terms number of visitor of business website is in the quality of content, originality of stories about products and services, and creativity/reliability of articles and its writers (for a news website) at every point in time. Interaction – Another way of growing a viable traffic to a businesses website is to allow the audience and customers to get involved by commenting and following through stories and articles published real-time. Feedbacks/customers’ interactions on stories published online using social bookmaking can work effectively in generating more traffic to business websites. The number people on social media websites continues to grow, which can be motivation for incorporating plug-in such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, E-mail, Google+ etc, for comments and opinions of customers. Visibility – The aim of a business adverts is to be read and seen as quickly as possible by targeted customers. Therefore, business websites should be easily searched on the Internet through popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, Alexa-Internet etc. Prospective customers tend to believe, patronize or visit what is found easily, and even more when a business website is well recognized. Good Investment – Businesses website traffic can be traced to amount of investment in terms of money, staffers’ quality/remunerations and other variables. Prospective customers can be influenced to visit, patronize, read and comment on products and services of business websites due to visual and sound effects, and graphical impressions of contents. The bottom line is more money invested, more traffic generated for any business websites. Bear in mind that no matter the cost of products and services, there would be customers. Setting of goal – Business websites should clearly portray its products and services in very concise manner. Customers should be able to find specific kind of details about specific products and services, which can help customers to identify and decisions easily about products and services thereby triggering more traffic to the website.   Written By: Abraham Alfa

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