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8 Research areas you can engage your study time in year 2014!



  The amount of effort mentally applied to solve difficult problems may have been the foremost reason behind the favourable rankings of some nations of the world over others. One difference between a developing nation and developed nation is the ability to put their effort in many researches/discoveries into practical applications. The issue of lack of employment/jobs among young people has worst hits in developing countries world compared to developed countries. This can be attributed to waste and lack of application of untapped God-given thinking faculty to envisage useful ideas to produce new techniques/methodology/ways of doing things in the 21st century age that can turn jobs-seekers to job-givers. A few young men and women have continued to make their impact in several fields of endeavor thereby improving themselves and their society at large; notable among them are Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidst, etc who are raking Billions of Dollars in revenue and creating many jobs opportunities for other just from their little application of Ideas from the comfort of their homes. banner_research img by.UFR. Here are 8 hot research areas you can undertake to change your fortune:
  • Security is a major national and international concerns especially dealing with extremism, terrorism, threat of nuclear wars, IEDs (improvised explosive devices) etc. A research work in this direction can help protect our world.
  • Issues arising from post-election processes globally continue to widen comminuting in series of wars and unrest. A perfect electoral process is still not handy because the previous system of elections has not fulfilled our collective aspirations especially in developing nations. What are other ways can leaders be elected without rancour?
  • Electricity is a tool for social and economic development globally. Exploiting other cheap alternatives and transmission of power supply are good for a research work. Most of developing nations rely on gas and diesel to fuel electricity plants resulting in emission of greenhouse gases that are damaging our environment.
  • Corruption and fraudulent practices are commonplace in most developing countries hiding their self-actualization. Allocation of resources and distribution has been a main challenge for many governments to tackle as poverty and gap in development continue to worsen. How can these be checked?
  • Computer apps and Internet services remains a hot point in the 21st century because, almost all the products and services in every human enterprise now run on computer applications (Apps). One can develop an application to solve any of the gaps in medicine, transportation, education, agriculture, emergency management, disaster predictions etc.
  • Banking and financial services is recently witnessing several innovations to meet different financial needs of people around the world. The research work may be developing a method for payment systems, fraud detention systems, and financial inclusion for unschooled and less privileged.
  • Education sector of the economy in the recent time had experienced several problems from lack of infrastructure, increased students enrollment, lack human capacity, lack of adequate funding etc. What are new ways of assessing students, teaching methodologies, providing educational services to the less privileged especially in developing countries of the world.
  • In the field medicine, a lot of diseases, ailment and conditions have no known cure such as HIV AIDS, Cancer etc. Undertaking in one of these worthy ventures can help many sufferers around the world.
History they said is the best teacher, most of the people that stood out in their fields never had the opportunity to attend any formal educational institutions. It is about courage and determination to contribute to humanity, create jobs and better the well-being of one’s self and other. Friends, it is never late to start but one may be late before he ever started.     By: Abraham Alfa

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