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World’s youngest Professor – Alia Sabur



Do you say this is genius, talented or gift person? Alia Sabur was born on 22nd February, 1989 in New York City, New York.  Alia Sabur is the youngest university Professor that has ever lived. Of course we have heard several stories of gifted children in other field of endeavor such as in computing, mass media, acting the list can go on. But for younger Alia Sabur, she displaced her special talent at the tender age to her parents, when she started reading at about eight months old of age.


At her elementary school, her teachers soon noticed that Alia Sabur had very rear academic skills and she was advice to start college at 4th grade of her elementary studies. Alia Sabur at 10 years old enrolled into Stony Brook University, USA, where she graduated four years later with summa cum laude (the USA’s highest Academic honour), B.SC. in applied mathematics. She later proceeded to Drexel University to complete her research work for her M.Sc., and P.hD. in material science engineering.

Things you don’t know about Prof. Alia Sabur:

1Alia Sabur appointed a full faculty professor in Konkur University, Seoul, South Korea at the age of 18.

2  Prof. Alia Sabur holds a Guinness World Record as World’s youngest professor  in 2008 for her academic achievements at that age of 18 topping previous record set by Colin Maclaurin (a student of Isaac Newton in 1717).

3  She is a great thinker in her field of research winning several awards such as NASA, the Department of Defense, GAANN and the NSF.

4  She has performed with world-class musicians at Juilliard as a chamber musician, orchestral member, soloist etc.

5   Alia Sabur is an American mathematician and material scientist.

6  Prof. Sabur is parented by American former reporter mother, Julie Sabur and Pakistani father, Mohammed Sabur.  

7  She incredibly tested off the IQ Scale as a first grader at elementary school.

8  Alia is a recipient of prestigious Black belt in Korean Martial art Tae Kwon Do at age of 9.

9   She instituted a civil lawsuit against Dexel University authority and her P.hD supervisor, Yury Gegotsi for patents and collecting grants based on her work/ideas without giving her the credit.

10  Prof. Sabur has contributed to the medical field with her research to the developing nanotube-based cellular probes.

11  Her idea helped to stop in the notorious Gulf of Mexico BP Oil leak.

12  She believes in the application of knowledge and that arouse her passion for teaching and research. Her favorite quote is from Johann Wolfgang: knowing is not enough, we must apply.


By: Abraham Alfa

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