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Aphro-Create: Sing to me


The rustling of leafs

The feel of the cool evening breeze on my chin

Though my heart pounds ever so brashly

For now, I’m calm

If only this serenity would last for all eternity.

Like a scarecrow dangling from a tree in dead weight

Life seems to push us here and there

Sometimes we’re so sure

So sure we are in absolute control

Some other times we don’t just know anymore.

I crave poetry.

The sound of the music in the distance

The beauty of words in open air

The sound of rhythmic strings

Come closer please?

I want to be lost in your music

Let your vocal chords bring to life,

Latent thoughts that escape plain sight in the light of day

And chase the night far into the morning.

Sing me a song oh dear beloved

Let me cower in the sweetness of your voice

I want to be comfy in your mild cacophony

Common sing to me

Let me listen so I know that all is well.


Written by Akinbobola Adeyemo

Photo credit: tumblr

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