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Rosie H Feature: Work Yuh Body Type II


Rosie H is back with a follow-up to her last work on aphroden.com, Work your body type. A lil somn for the ladies, and fellas who wanna know what to get their girls ;)

Aloha and welcome~!

„Work your body type two” is fiiinally here; what took me so long? I really don’t know so I would rather not be asked nor answer.lol.

I used to find it annoying that the general presumption in society is that our options- depending on our shapes- are rather limited when it comes to what to wear, but we really shouldn’t see it that way: yes, perhaps we do have to stick to certain areas but the areas available have endless possibilities and mind you fashion is constantly evolving therefore options increasing.

Let’s highlight some more body shapes in this “work your body type” sequel: curvy, slim, tall, petit, full-breasted, small-breasted, flat-bottomed, round-bottomed.

We do not need to talk about them individually, as they are all quite interconnected.

Starting off, let’s note that being curvydoes not meanyou are restricted to that one body-shape; you can be tall and curvy, petite and curvy; you call also have bigger breasts or even smaller breasts. The list goes on and on.

We have tall girls such as Paris Hilton, Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian who can very easily pull off lovely long flowing frocks. Even though Paris is more on the slim side and Khloe more on the curvy side, it works for them both. That is a good example of how a woman can be a combination of shapes.

Now do not think that this means a petite lady can’t pull off maxi dresses too;they would give her longer legs and if she desires an addition all she would need is a nice belt to accentuate her waist.

Petite celebs like Victoria Beckham and Kourtney Kardashian can be seen wearing skinny jeans/trousers coz they hug the lower part of the body, bring out the shape and elongate the legs.

I actually think form-fitting outfits work for all body shapes-that is not to say you should wear something tooo tight coz it really wouldn’t be advantageous. But for bigger people for instance, the larger your clothes are,the bigger you appear. You can’t go wrong chosing dresses that flatter your tummy region, helping your wasit look more defined. Your neckline is also an area to work with. Bring attention to these areas by wearing accesories; accesories can make your outfit~! They can be the pizazz that you were missing. They can .Best part is: accessories are every body-shape’s friends~!

 There areclothes that have that large character but in a stylish way; A-line skirts for example, long large tops that u can compliment with waist-belts so that you don’t look too large, or with tights that show off your lower body therefore you don’t look like your just one big thing.Slim and tall women can pull off top-to-bottom large looks, and so can petite ladies, but it just is not for everybody.

As for breasts and bottoms, do not feel ashamed, whether your assets are smaller/flatter or bigger/rounder in nature. Own it; there a advantages too.

If your breasts are on the smaller side then you can wear certain tops that bigger-breasted ladies cant coz their breasts would look squished; this works vice versa too. As for the lower body examples, for those with bigger bums jeans with backpockets are usually not at all flattering as they only give the impression of the bum being too big( yes, there is such a thing as a bum being too big) but girls with smaller bums can pull that off; there are also clothing items that are more flattering on bigger-bottomed ladies.

We do have to remember that basically each type of clothing item can be advantageous in different ways to different body-shapes. Just coz skinny jeans look good on petite ladies does not mean it doesn’t look good on other shapes as well. It all depends on how and what you pair it with.

What I am getting at here is that the possibilities for your wardrobe are limitless; once you learn your body, your dressing conundrums would be considerably minimized.

My simple advice is this: do not be afraid to wear a certain type of garment because of a fear that is put there due to the preconcieved ideas of society that say that that style does not look good on you.

You are the one to decide; play with fashion for it is to be played with; wear what you truly think suits you; get advicewhen you are not certain; do not be afraid of colours coz no matter your shape there is always a way to wear colours that can flatter you.Own your shape; no need to hide it, work with it.

Thank you all for reading, I truly hope these pieces of advice found in both the first part and this sequel shall be helpful, and if I can help further do contact me: follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Funkychikitaand regularly check my blog:  http://havarosenfeld.blogspot.ro/

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