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Orin’s Story: Fireworks


Source: partiesforpennies.com

For the love of fiction, Orin's story continues this week with Chapter 9 . You can read the first few chapters here    I am six months gone. Pregnant. I am learning to put Tiwa and his drama behind me so much that I do not mention the ‘episode’ to a soul. Not even Amaka. It is June 23 and it is Sunmade’s birthday. Friday. I was in the kitchen a minute but I had to sit for awhile. I have a heartburn. I gulp down my antacid then help myself to a bar of Twix ignoring the doctor’s advice to avoid chocolate. I might as well pack weight while I can afford to. Lolu, my mother and my mother-in-law are in the kitchen. Sunmade, his brothers, Farajinmi, Jide, and some of his friends are in the living room watching a match. Arsenal and Manchester United. Sunmade is the only Manchester fan in this group. I do not know the scores but I know Jinmi shouts “this Arshavin na bastard” every five minutes. The game will end soon I think. I rub my tummy fondly as my offspring kicks. He has been doing this often these past few days. Restless I guess. The doctor says our baby will survive if I go into premature labor at this time. With intensive care of course. It is 5.00. Amaka is not here yet. She called earlier to say she will be coming with a bunch of people from the office. Knowing Amaka, it will be a full house soon. “Orin are you hungry?” My mother asks. “A bit.” “The amala is ready. Shey you will have it with some egusi soup?” “Yes ma.” The older Mrs MacGregor trots out of the kitchen with a tray of freshly made spring rolls and places it beside the cake. She smiles at me. “Feeling better love?” “A bit.” I giggle “Is he still restless?” “He’s calmer now.” “Just like his father. Sunmade kicked all day and all night!” She sits on the arm of the chair in front of me. “I had it a little easier with the rest.” My mother sets my meal in front of me and shuffles back into the kitchen before I can thank her. I think Lolu’s on the phone; I can hear her laughing. “Where’s Sunmade’s dad?” “Oh he should be here any minute.” She frowns at her watch, a beautiful string of gold. “He had to pick up some wine from Shoprite.” The game ends and the men come towards the dining. “I swear that Wenger has some spiritual problems.” “Na today? I tell you say na Man U go win today.“ “Oga make we hear word jor.“ My husband and the other men always have their animated conversations in Pidgin English. “Mama bomboy” Jinmi says to me “which name we go give your pikin na?“ “Roman.” I respond. My mother-in-law nods her approval. “I think that’s a beautiful name.” She adds. “Ehn ehn! You no like South African?” Sunmade mocks and helps himself to a spring roll. The other men laugh. “The name no bad na, guy.” Michael, one of his friends, says. “I don dey hear say you be gay before but I no believe am.“ I giggle helplessly. “You dey craze “ “Your mama“ “Sunmade!” His mother exclaims. “I hope you won’t be using all this bad language when the baby arrives.” “Nah mom, I won’t.” He grins stupidly at her. Lolu comes in with a bowl of salad. “Lolu how far?” Emeka says. “I dey.” She smiles at him. “Guy no dey greet my sister. We no want gay Ibo boy for our family“ “This guy go soon slap you.” Jinmi chips in “No think say because today na your birthday you go dey do anyhow. They go just beat you finish for here.“ I shake my head and continue with my meal. It will be an interesting evening.

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