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Let it Shine (Kayman)


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Going throug the motions

Counting every emotion

Not enough emojis

To express

Though I digress

You can’t read between the lines

Road signs accross my face

To guide to that deep place

Where my heart is

Life’s a cruel mistress

Sometimes so heartless

On that paper trail

I’m going North not West


Ain’t rich Yet

But I aint broka

So if I see her and like her

Pull up in that Rover (rov-ah)


Actually its a CrossTour

With No convoy

On my own lane to follow

So I chose do ignore life’s sorrow


I smike for today

I smile for tomorrow

Catch that rainbow

Natural tye-dye

For the heart on my sleeves

The world is beautiful if you let it shine

Let it shine Let it shine Let it shine.

-Poetry by Kayman






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