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Killing A Snake – A Taboo in Nigeria


It may not occur to you how evident this taboo can be in African especially in Nigeria. Killing the snake could get you into some serious trouble, although there are cultural, religious and spiritual connections to this taboo. So you know where you can and cannot kill a snake when you are in unknown territory…

…here are 7 places in Nigeria where killing a snake is a Taboo:


  • Nembe, Bayelsa: It is forbidden to kill snakes in this Bayelsan community. Such actions could attract serious sanctions. Looking at the case of a corp member who was made to pay N120,000 for sacrifices after he killed a snake.


  • Anambra: In several parts of Anambra including Idemili and Ukpor, Nnewi-South Local Government, it is forbidden to kill pythons and green snakes. Killing these creatures would lead the killer to perform burial rites for the python. Interestingly enough, there have been no incidents of pythons killing the villagers as they’re merely shooed away when sighted by villagers.


  • Imo: In Mgbidi, the headquarters of Oru West Local government area of Imo State it is also forbidden to kill pythons as they’re regarded as one of the gods of the community. Going against this time-tested tradition could lead to performance of burial rites for the python.


  • Ebonyi: The Okposi community in Ebonyi state revere green snakes and it is absolutely forbidden to kill these creatures.


  • Ile Alakpa, Ogbomoso: It is also forbidden to kill snakes in this community.


  • Oke Ogun, Oyo: A tradition that has passed through several generations, this community also frowns at killing snakes


  • Machina LGA: It is also forbidden to kill snakes in machina LGA of yobe state.


Image credit: Mirror UK


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