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5 Most Loved Nigerian Foods – Locally and Globally


Nigerian foods are not very popular for their health benefits. Truthfully, most dieters would rather go European with their meals because of how fatty Nigerian traditional meals turn out to be. But as it is known worldwide, sinful foods tastes better! Even if they make you feel guilty with every morsel. Much as Nigerians have embraced foreign an exotic recipes, adopting some of them as our staple foods over the years (bread, pasta), we still love the taste of home. This love for Nigerian food has gone global, believe it or not. Partly because Nigerians are spread across the cities of the world like water but mostly because Nigerians cannot do without Nigerian foods! They always find a way to take it along with them from continent to continent.

So, we made a list of 5 most popular Nigerian foods around the world and we know you will agree with most them


Dodo – Fried Plantain

Imagine my shock when i typed “dodo”in Google and all i could see were pictures of birds! Such disrespect. This glorious accompaniment to many Nigerian dishes that can on its own, still maintain it’s reputation without losing importance! For non-Nigerians Dodo is made with ripe plantain fried in hot oil till it is golden brown and awesome.

dodo meme



Amala and Gbegiri

What is an Amala without bush-meat, fresh fish, Bokoto or snails? See why it is impossible to count calories in Nigeria? This this is like that boy in secondary school that is mellow and boring when he is away from his gang. For non-Nigerians, Amala is made with yam flour stirred in boiling water till it is solid. It is usually paired with a yellow-y soup, Gbegiri (beans cooked till it is soft and then sieved till it is smooth) and Ewedu leaves (please Google this one). With these soup must come fresh water fish, preferable catfish or an assortment of meats.



pounded yam

Pounded yam

The people who eat this food cannot understand those who don’t. It’s an experience for most and an acquired taste for some. Like Amala, it is made from yam but unlike the brown colored dish, it is white majorly because it is made with freshly cooked yams. Like Amala, it comes with it’s own gang of Eguisi (melon) soup and assorted meats. For newbies, it is made with cooked yams pounded into a sticky paste and become this awesome meal.

pounded yam memes



Pepper Soup

Of course pepper soup! This is one staple food in Nigeria for all season. It is served hot and is made from the hottest peppers, hence the name. In all honesty, eating this may seem like punishment to newbies. Every spoonful is torturous as if you are being punished for eating so many meats at once. Sometimes it is served with agidi (corn flour made into a soft but solid block). It is given to new mothers, convalescents, and healthy men and women too.

jollof rice

Jollof Rice

…and (drum roll) Almighty Jollof! Never to be spelt with a small letter “j” because of all its greatness. This controversial meal (yes, controversial) is the culprit behind many twitfights between Nigerians and Ghanaians on Twitter. Somehow, we can’t seem to trace it’s origin and how it got to be a Nigerian thing. All we know is the Nigerian version tastes better for some reason. Men and women from far and wide have come to pay homage to this legendary dish. It is made by stirring rice into hot tomato sauce and is served with it it’s awesome twin, Dodo.

jollof meme

Do you agree? Find recipes for these and give them a try this weekend.

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