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Monday-like-a-friday is back!


Hey y’all!

Yes! Monday-like-a-friday posts are back! Sorry for the hiatus and the cobwebs here. I was having a quarter life crisis. Moving on, I will be doing this column with Otas, a new member of the team. Otas will be handling the news and gist that you might have missed over the weekend because you’ve been under a rock and I will be sharing tips on surviving and enjoying your week! Stick around and enjoy!

Otas here!

Many of us, especially those of us on social media have kept up with the story concerning Senator Yerima and the #ChildNotBride phenomenon. If you’re like me you were mostly amused and concerned with the slogans the administrators of this “movement” chose. Tags like #GiveHerPenNotPenis #EducationNotEjaculation and many other just ridiculous and inappropriate slogans for a child movement. I, being the helpful person that I am, went ahead and created a few slogans of my own, my favorite being #GiveHerChickenNotCock. I’m not mocking this movement. I think child marriage in Islam is something that needs to be contained but if you insist on coming up with ridiculous slogans, then I insist on not taking you serious.

My main quarrel with this movement is the absolute lack of research put into this supposedly serious movement. Upon closer look, it was ascertained that the actual bill passed involved the issue of citizenship for married females, regardless of Age. While the Underlying factor allowing under aged girls to marry under Islam is a problem, Section 29 itself is not a problem, thus protesting a constitutional change that didn’t happen calls the legitimacy of your entire protest into question.

The legal age for marriage in Nigeria is 18. How Senator Yerima openly is able to flaunt that rule and still be a Leader is really a testament to how much decay is in the government and how little is being done to fix it.



Now In response to this movement, a well-known Nigerian Actress, Stella Damascus followed the steps of her counterparts and fellow #ChildNotBride supporters and released a ‘Rant’ on Youtube titled “Stella Damascus Spits fire”. If you haven’t seen it, go see it because that shit was hilarious. It was like watching a badly made and badly researched Nigerian movie. That video excelled at failing. It was a wonderful example of what not to do. She went back and forth on insulting the senators, especially the female ones. How you can be so passionate about a cause that you couldn’t manage to research is beyond me. As a celebrity the least you can do is prevent yourself from looking stupid on International channels such as Youtube. Actually I wouldn’t have half minded the stupidity if she had at least managed to get a proper weave and makeup artist. There is no excuse to look like that and then not research.

I hope she releases an apology video and I hope this time she is in possession of a flat iron and a brush.


Ibukun here!

I searched high and low and found tips for you to use so you can enjoy- as unlikely as it sounds-  your week! Ready? Go.

1.  Put your joggers on and work it

Working out in the morning right before your day officially starts is the best thing you can do for yourself this week and on. It may sound like a death sentence but working out in the am release endorphins that improve your mood so you don’t go through your day with an unexplainable scowl on your face. Who doesn’t want that?

2.  Stop. Listen. Feel good

You want to listen to your favorite get-up-and-go music first  thing in the morning. I recommend using it as your alarm tune and/or playing it in the shower while you take a bath. Heck, you can even sing along! Play it once, twice, three times or until the day starts to look less gloomy. That’s guaranteed to help you enjoy  your day!

3.  Take a lunch break

Start a new habit: set a time each day when you step away from work or school to have an actual lunch (no, not a bottle of Coke and not a doughnut either). It gives you time to slow down and gives your brain a much needed break. Stay out for at least 25 minutes even if you manage to gulp down your meal in 5. Window shop, check your Twitter or Facebook or whatever helps you relax. Then dive back into work or school.


There you go! You can thank Otas and I in the comment box below. Enjoy your week and have a Monday like a  Friday!

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