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The Blazer


The blazer has become a part of everyday clothing and is cut quite similarly to the jacket component of a suit. Main difference being that a blazer is more casual. Characteristics of a blazer include extra flourishes like shank buttons, and peak lapels.

There was a time when blazers were an essential part of EVERYONE’s wardrobe, but the continuous rise of casual clothing in the office has placed the women’s blazer on the back burner, leaving the men to forge ahead. Well, it’s time for the blazer to come blazing back (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Most females opt out of the blazer, scared they may look too masculine or that the blazer will emphasize their worst features. Meanwhile, it’s as simple as knowing the basics of dressing for your body type.

- Ladies with an athletic build – broad shoulders and more or less boyish hips – would be better suited with a cropped blazer. Avoid the boxy look by opting for blazers with minimal structure.

- Pear-shaped females with slimmer shoulders and fuller, curvier hips can go with a jacket that falls just above the hips or just below. Light shoulder pads and/or wide lapel will draw eyes upward and give your shoulders an illusion of width.

- Petite women skip out on blazers more often than most because they feel they get lost in them.  Shrunken blazers are one of the many new contemporary styles that can make you look older and sexy.

- While bustier females can rock a gown, the wrong blazer can make you look top-heavy. Opt for a blazer that provides definition beneath the bust line, or is tailored to highlight your waist. Blazers with a lot of structure or decoration are a no-go area.

- If you’re less than endowed chest-wise, a blazer with some detailing will definitely create a curvier look.

- Plus-size females will look amazing in both long and short bolero-esque blazers. Just make sure it isn’t too loose or bulky, or patterned.

Every female should have at least one blazer in her wardrobe, and we’re going to re-discover how to make it work for you with some design updates. Why should a blazer that was once your favorite piece of clothing lie wasting away at the back of your wardrobe?

  • Revamp your blazer by:Pairing it with a short sleeveless dress, preferably neutral, that you think looks boring on its own. Throw in cute pumps and a tote in colors to make the look more interesting. If the look below is too mute for your taste, you can always throw in some statement jewelry.



  •  Matching your blazer with a dress shirt ans slim pants is also another way to bring them back to life. Try something like the combo below or find your own unique mix.


  • Jeans and a sleeveless button-down blouse will also look good under your blazer. Experiment with blouses and different styles of jeans to get several unique looks.


  •  You might also want to try pairing your blazer with a t-shirt and skirt combo. A full skirt is effective for this look, as it adds a playful touch to the otherwise conservative look.


While there are several ways, some still undiscovered, the ladies can wear the blazer, I know the guys generally have no problem with wearing the look. Most even opt for it in place of the suit. What we’re going to do right now is look at how to wear it right. I’m not saying you don’t, I’m saying you PROBABLY don’t.

With Jeans & Dress Shirt

This combo works best with a navy or tweed blazer to give you a kind of schoolmaster look. Pair your blazer with a slim (not skinny) pair of jeans, and a white dress shirt with the collar undone. Not only will you look smart, girls will love it. You don’t have to, but if you want to wear a tie then a necktie with subtle stripes can complete the look.

With Black Slacks or Tan Khakis

Let me just say right off that this look is difficult to achieve and probably won’t work for some people. Also, instead of devoting otherwise use amounts of time to searching for a non-existent pair of matching slacks for your blazer you might want to take up a purposeful hobby. A blazer is NOT a suit. But that’s okay because what we want to do with this look is attain a sort of contrast.

You could try matching a navy blazer with tan khakis and a white dress shirt, or maybe a tweed blazer with a crisp blue shirt and black slacks. Experiment with different combos until you find tone that’s right for you.

With a Sweater & a Button-Up Shirt

This works best in cold weather. A button-up shirt will give your blazer the structure it needs, and the sweater will keep you warm :) Make sure your jeans are appropriate and not ripped or distressed.

With a Black Tie

For a high-class, modern look, matching a tweed blazer, a crisp, white shirt dress, and formal shoes with a black self-tied bow is the way to go. It may not be a suit, but it’s a whole lot classier than a simple sweater and jeans.

With the Sleeves Rolled Up

Females know this as “the boyfriend blazer look”; guys may refer to it as “awesome”.

To pull this look off, you will need a large, unstructured blazer with a flashy liner. Roll the blazer sleeves up so the liner is visible, and rock it as a jacket. Depending on your environment, you may complete the look with sneakers, a t-shirt, and slim jeans.

I don’t have to tell you the blazer is a great piece of clothing descended from greatness. Now, you no longer have to relegate it to the back of your closet or misuse it. Keep experimenting, and I’m sure you’ll come up with several other ways to maximize your blazer

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