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Aphroden Team Picks: Despicable Me 2


Hello everyone! Hope  you’re having restful Saturday! I’m delighted to introduce a new member of our team to you: Frank Ugo. Frank will be doing reviews and picks of everything (really) on the behalf of the team. Enjoy! 


Directors – Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud.

Actors – (voices of) Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove.

Year Of Release – 3rd July 2013.

Genre – Animation, Comedy, Crime, Family.

Duration – 1hour, 38 mins.

Rating – PG (Parental Guidance)


Before you read on, if you haven’t seen Despicable Me 1, you should so you understand this movie. Despicable Me 2 is a sequel to the first part released sometime in 2010.


Now back to Despicable Me 2. One word to describe this, awesome. My brother, who saw the movie before I did said it had to be the best movie he saw this year. Considering the fact he’s more of a movie person compared to me, let’s say I had to watch because I wanted to debunk all he said and tell him it wasn’t.


So I got the movie on my laptop from a site, (don’t ask me where, money cannot waste) and sat down to watch on a lonely Friday night. To be very honest, I had really high hopes for this movie and I never do that, so I don’t get disappointed. But I couldn’t help it with this one.



I heard that Pharell was on the OST and then came the mobile game with the minions and a bunch of other well done marketing schemes by the creators.


Fortunately, I didn’t get disappointed. Without revealing too much of the story, Gru (the main character) is no longer a villain but a hero – at least he’s expected to be one, when a secret intelligence agency captures him and asks to give him a job.


I initially thought I’d hate non-villain Gru, but I didn’t. He’s still quite the same, except on the other side of the law and also, he’s a father. Remember those girls he adopted in the first movie? Yeah, they’re still around and growing up in fact. One of them happens to end up in a romantic relationship with the son of …


(Nah, you need to watch that for yourself. I’m just here to give you my take on the movie)



I can’t even lie though, the main attraction of the movie wasn’t the storyline or the fact that Gru ends up finding love (oops. Did I just say that?) It was the minions.


Yeah, those yellow perpetually chattering creatures that serve Gru. They were given a more active role in this new entry or more active roles rather.


And with every scene, there was minion injected humour. Everywhere. That was the selling point of this animated movie, I tell you. The breaks in between laughter were appreciably short.



My opinion, the movie is a strong 78 percent. I love a good, fun comedy any day especially one with minions.


So it’s coming from me to you, go see this movie. Probably get it same way I did (if you know how ) or go to a cinema (let them take some of your money) and grab some popcorn and a drink.


Do me a favour anyway, watch it and drop a comment on what you feel about it. I’ll be waiting to hear what you have to say.


See you next week Saturday!






70 – 100 : HAYY! You should see this movie as soon as you can. It is so ah-may-zing and I’m this close to finding flaws


60 – 69 : Beautiful movie. A few flings here and there but the flings are quite few compared to the wonderful elements


50 – 59 : Average. The film is just in between. Balance between the flings in the movie and the good parts.


40 – 49 : I won’t advise you to spend your money on this but you just might like a few things


0 – 39 : Epic fail, thank you.


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