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Aphro-Create: Iyawo Oba 5



Like the movement of the winds

Fueled by elements unseen

Driven by pride invisible


Answer us oh god of old

For we are your children

We know your names

All of them


And in different forms

We bow

And are subject

To your awesome.


Baba sighed

It was time

The king arrived

And so did his queen.


Oba Adebayo Omotunrayo Ogedegbe

The roots of iroko

Have indeed not strayed far from the will

Like the seeds of the magnifera

You spring forth


Bringing with you

Joys unknown

To the bowels of the people

You bring with you

The sweetness of melodies

Unheard of

Melodies that bring peace to the mind

And soothe the spirit

The people will dance oh great one

They will.


Oba Ogedegbe

The iron fist

That rules firm

The one who tells the sun to stop

And sees day turn night

The hunted who turns on the hunter

The bushmeat that became king

And told the fire to burn the pot crisp

The ears of god himself

One who watches on the people

Like errant children

And returns the order

In times of trouble

You wrestle with god for the people

The king that never fails nor falters

The one true king




The Drummers settled in rhythm

Baba swung to the beat

The whole village fell into trance

Just watching him

He held them spellbound

They could bend to his will at any minute

It was like dream

Like magic

Baba seemed to be

To be..

Just be

Not for something at all

Neither for nothing at all

He seemed to float

To drift

In and out of realms

Realms the people were afraid of

The drummers increased intensity

It weighted heavy on their shoulders

Like a responsibility one does not ask for

And one does not reject either

And they drummed


They drummed

With sweat pouring from their pores

They drummed.

Baba suddenly screamed..


“Abeni O Abeni

The daughter has come of age

Happened on instant wisdom

Wisdom so big

Too big for her small head

She has come for the identity of her father

‘Mami mi o (My mother!!!!!)

Tani Baba mi (Who is my father?)”

And when the child asked this question

Abeni looked and looked

Sighed and sighed

She looked upon her perfect calabash

And sighed some more

‘Omo mi (My Child)

Ma lo (Be gone)’

She said

But no no no no

The daughter was having none of that

She had to know

She was not backing down

Not today

She needed to know

Who he was

Who is my father?

Haven’t you ever wondered

Who your father was?

She needed to know

Right from the horses’ mouth

‘Mama mi O

Tani baba mi?’

Abeni sighed again

She knew it

Oh she did

She knew it

Like the certainty one has

That the sun will surely rise

Come morning

She knew it too

Just like she knows

That the crops will multiply come rain.




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