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Painting: Ssali Yusuf


Art is just so deeply beautiful in a diverse number of ways. With various meanings and interpretations, art draws people evoking different emotions at once. The works of Ssali Yusuf is a testament to this.

Ssali Yusuf, born on 24th April, 1983 at Kireka – Bweyogerere in Wakiso district of Uganda is a graduate of Makerere University where he studied Industrial and Fine Arts with certificated courses from both Ireland and Uganda. He started painting professionally from 2003, at 20 years of age, but used to practice painting with different artists in Uganda using materials like oil, acrylic among other media on canvas, backcloth, and sacks and on art papers. Masterful in abstract compositions, he is a member of the Kampala School, a contemporary art movement that combines a mastery of mixed media in a jumble of colours to tell the African story.


Ssali, whose favourite art subjects are women, majorly works using oil and acrylic on canvas but also in mixed media infusing bark cloth, twine and metals. The average African woman drawn from various stages in her life from teenage years to mothers inspires him and this inspiration is evident in his work. The colours are so bold and defined and this quality draws you into the depth of his art.


Exhibitions of Yusuf’s works have taken place at Makerere University art gallery, Tulifanya art gallery, AID Child Organization, and Afriart gallery in Kampala Uganda. Watatu gallery & Ramoma art gallery in Nairobi,Kenya. Evere Commune Brussels Belgium, NATTA art in Eastern Europe, and others. In 2007 he also participated in the prestigious World Exhibition in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.  This event takes place every two years and brings together contemporary artists from around the globe.


Ssali Yusuf, who loves painting, travelling, watching movies, plays among other adventurous activities, dreams of painting and asks God to die a world famous painter. He is a member of the Uganda Artists Association (UAA), the Uganda German Culture Society (UGCS Kampala Uganda) and a member of Butterfly project in Uganda working with deprived schools children. He currently lives in Kampala, Uganda.


Here are some links to view Ssali Yusuf’s work: 1) http://ugandart.com/tools/gallery.dwp?tool=gallery&task=search&gallery_id=189&urlid=ugandart&search_value=ssali 2) http://www.artnanadede.com/ssali-yusuf and you can catch him on Twitter at @SsaliYusufPaint.

Some more of his work below:ssali5



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