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Painting: Nicholas Kowalski

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Nicholas Kowalski

Nicholas Nana Yaw Kowalski is a master artist who creates works that are dazzling, thought-provoking, whimiscal, dramatic, and fun. He works in a variety of media including oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media collages.


Chit Chat

” As an artist, many times I create what I feel, think, and see in the world around me,” explains Nicholas , a native Ghanaian, both to Ghanaian and Polish heritage. “I have always had to explain my heritage, and how my last name came about. My great grand fathr an expatriate from Poland married my grandmother, a Ghanaian, while on assignment in Ghana. The rest, well, speaks for itself.”


Two Faces

Nicholas was born in Accra, Ghana and was educated at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana where  he graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting, and a Masters Degree in African  Art Studies. For these programs, he won the Mobil Awards for the Best Painting Student, Best Overall Student, and Best African Art Studies Student. He has been painting professionally since 1985.

As a versatile artist whose abstract works and textural paintings are unique, much of his work is contemporary, cultural, and expressive. Nicholas’ work has been seen and sold across Europe, Africa, Canada, and the United States. ” It is often times a window into my very soul.”


Faces of Hope

Nicholas’ profoud, and personal relationship with God and family is the key to why he has been successful doing what he loves. He owns and operates his own gallery in Accra, Ghana.

His most popular work, ‘Women’ is an extension of Nicholas Nana Yaw Kowalski’s personal attitude towards life. This oil painting is dazzling, dramatic, thought provoking and quirky. His works has always been woven around themes such as god and family. Perhaps he has a strong belief in the sanctity of the two parts of man’s life.

‘Women’ has influences of modernism with the soul of traditional African style of painting. The color palette and strokes depict an influence of traditional African painting style. However, the geometric designs and sharp contours symbolize a progressive thought process. Through the painting, the artist has reasoned out a view point where he feels that people can stay together yet have their distinct tastes/ likings, and lead a happy life. He believes there is absolutely no need to part away and live a ‘Nuclear Family’ life.




Of late, he has created some of the most amazing pieces of work.

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