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“We All Can Be Heroes”– Comic Republic


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ComicRepublic is a Lagos-based media firm boasting an array of talented illustrators, their various comic series consists of original characters loosley based on DC’s Justice League superheroes (Batman, Superman, WonderWoman). 

Their work simply oozes quality and the use of traditional West African folk tales in some of the storylines makes for a very entertaining experience. You can download some of their comics for FREE in PDF and doc formats. In a few years, we just may have our very own Avengers-style movie starring some of our favourite African Actors.

Comics & Characters


Eric kukoyi is not a normal man. He doesn’t age or sleep. He lectures at the University of Lagos, also doubling as a par time psychiatrist and parapsychologist. When night dawns, where creatures haunt corners and crime rears its head, he becomes the one thing any of them will ever fear, he becomes fear itself, bound by oath to haunt the night as a force of retribution. The people of this city have called him many names, but one echoes the loudest… ERU fear itself, walks among us.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.45.13

-Aje: The witch

Aje is a grand journey where a young heroine will hunt for the strength to save the past, present and future

-Hero Generation: Max Speed

Marcus chigozie, a teenage rich boy with anger management issues, had no idea he had powers until an event that changed his life, now he has the ability to move at supersonic speed, this new discovery has led him into becoming the super fast hero and member of the extremes known as maxspeed.

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Many decades ago in the Yoruba kingdom, a desperate kings deal with a deity results in the birth of a child, Ireti. The child grows into a mighty warrior with powers that surpass normal men greatly; leading armies to battle, conquering kingdoms and protecting her people. Her tale is one not told without the heart to stomach it, her legend is one not carried by cowards and her might is one no evil dares question.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.57.58

-Guardian Prime

Tunde Jaiye is the fifth element, one of the five essential elements on earth (earth, air, water, fire and man). He is the perfect man created how God intended man to be ( in his image).

He can do everything a normal man can do only magnified to almost God like levels. He is the guardian born to the human race as customary every 2000 years. He is Nigerian. He is Guardian Prime

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Visit the Comic Republic official site HERE to see more great comics, in the meantime we will keep you updated on all things original, awesome and creative.



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