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Culture: Waakye (Ghanaian Rice & Beans)


Ghana is one country known for a culture so healthy that it spreads its tentacles all through the aspects of their lives. Without a doubt, food is one aspect of the Ghanaian culture that is non-negotiable.

Some of you may have heard of this food, considering its popularity in Ghana and beyond while others may have heard nothing of it. I introduce to you Ghanaian rice and beans, indigenously called Waakye (pronounced waachay).

Initially popular mostly in northern Ghana, Waakye is now eaten throughout Ghana and also in some African countries like Nigeria, Togo, and Benin but prepared in slightly different ways. In Ghana, this meal, which can also be made at home, is majorly a street food. Waakye is usually served for breakfast or lunch with a typical Ghanaian spicy pepper sauce. It can be a meal in itself or it can be eaten with boiled eggs and/or with a stew of fish, chicken, beef, or vegetables.

The dish requires about 15 minutes of preparation and an hour and a half of cooking time.

waakye 2

By now, I’m sure you want to see how it’s done so you can also get to work. Not to worry, here’s how to make Waakye:

Also, in case you can’t view the video, here are the ingredients and process below:

-1 cup rice
-1 cup black eyed beans
-Dried millet stems about
-1 Tablespoon Bicarbonate of sada
-Salt to taste


-Wash and boil the beans for about 10mins

-wash and add the millet stems, and salt to taste.

-Allow to come to a boil

-Add TB spoon of bicarbonate of soda to extract the colour and flavour of the millet leave

-Stir and remove the leaves from the pot.

– Add the rice into the mix.

-Cook for about 5 minutes and stir with fork to prevent food from going mushy.

-Reduce heat and allow to slow cook till both rice and beans are well cooked.

Scoop out into serving plate, and can be served with fried fish & stew, shito, gari, spaghetti, salad or coslow etc.

Some people have turned preparing and delivering this food into a business and they are famous for this. Their styles of cooking may differ but you cannot argue with their packaging. On Instagram, examples are @waakyepronto, @pepperandstew etc. They deliver with garri, spaghetti, fish etc and they definitely are making a success out of Waakye.

You can try this Ghanaian delicacy out and I know you’ll love it.

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