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Movie Throwback: Diamond Ring 1&2


The movie ‘Diamond Ring’ is one movie that at the mention of its name, Nigerian movie lovers just start reminiscing about how amazing and action-packed it was.

dia 1

The compelling movie was written and produced by Tade Ogidan and the cast was made up of Richard Mofe-Damijo, Liz Benson, Zainab Buki-Ajayi, Shola Shobowale, Bimbo Akintola, Teju Babyface among others. The movie shows the effects of parents having little or no time for their children and how it translates into the children becoming wayward and spoilt. It sounds a note of warning to parents to be more attentive to their children as they are always prone to undue influence. The movie is captivating as each scene unfolds.

dia 2

About the Movie: Chidi is a bright young student, with very rich, busy and career-focused parents, who was admitted into the university earlier than most boys his age. He befriends the wrong people and ends up in a notorious gang on campus. To fulfil initiation rites, Chidi then gets involved in the theft of a mortuary; stealing the diamond ring and clothes of a corpse. Consequently, he is severally attacked by the corpse that was robbed, reiterating to Chidi to return the ring. This is hard to do as the ring is already sold and in London at the time. Chidi is not alone as other cult members each begin to die and Chidi becomes very sick with the cause of the sickness unknown as he didn’t tell his parents. The truth is later revealed through spiritual revelation by Chidi’s grandmother and the spirit of the dead woman appears to demand for her ring or leave Chidi to die. This then begins the ordeals of the family as they go in search of the ring.

This movie brings into light the evolution of Nollywood and the success the industry has attained in comparison with movies of today. Despite the oldness, this one is definitely a movie to see.

The movie ‘Diamond Ring 1&2’can be seen or downloaded here and here.

Have a blast.

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