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Poetry: A Brand New Man – 3rty


Where do you get a new self?
When you tire of your own,
You can always go out,
When you’re bored at home,

Your body, your mind,
Your spirit, your soul,
These are the things,
We’ve permanently known,

Don’t you get tired?
I know that I can,
Of morning and night,
Being the same man,

I have an idea,
I’ve hatched out a plan,
A brilliant scheme,
A wonderful scam,

To change your persona,
Anytime you choose,
From the inside of your mind,
To the sole of your shoes,

First close your eyes,
And set your mind loose,
Think of a gander,
Think of a goose,

When you’re done,
With that stupid errand,
Imagine yourself,
A brand new man,

New life, new face,
Mold yourself with new sand,
And when you’re done,
Do new deeds with new hands.

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