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5 Ways To Make Your Home “African” This Season


Red, Green and white are the colors of Christmas everywhere in the world. They seem to dominate every home every December/January. This year, we challenge you to add a bit a of brown! Adorn your home with something African as you decorate your living rooms this year with Christmas trees and bells.


Below are some great ideas of things to decorate with this season:

  1. Jar


Photo: @homeafricanconer

Jars and pots add character to a space. They lend mystery and earthiness to any room they are placed. You want to put a pot in your living room only if you have an abundance of space.

2. Painting


Photo: @morak_02

A daring painting such as this, will surely add mischief to your space. It will most definitely garner more than one glance and  a lot of comments from your guests.

3. Carved Chair


Photo: @interiorculturebyobiageli

A carved chair is everything! There’s no question of a misinterpretation. It is daring, bold, and welcoming. Whether or not it is for function or form, it is definitely worth the buy!

4. Handmade baskets


Photo: @dorandkieobjects

Need I say more? Every woven piece screams African. They make great additions to tables and shelves as they perform both function and form.

5. Carved Santa


Photo: @3lunsford

…and Father Xmas himself in wood!


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