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I get very excited when I come across menswear fashion collection because they are not as common as female fashion collections, which still stand out but are just a tad too common. But fashion collections for men, particularly great ones, whew, they just keep my eyes hungry. Lol.

This collection I am about to unveil shows great promise in the fashion industry and it is actually from a new talent I’m excited to reveal.

Okay, suspense over.

They are JZO, a new menswear label and this is their ‘Aremo’ (meaning Heir Apparent in English language) collection for Harmattan 2016. The collection is motivated by the African man’s day to day effort to infuse the modern fashion into his already existent traditional originality.

The collection contains handwoven custom made Aso-Oke fabrics with amazing and unique patterns, majorly Hausa/Fulani Aiki-Sama embroidery which stands them out any day. These jackets are wonderfully African and non-traditional at the same time and the colours used are so simply beautiful that any man adorned in any jacket in this collection can only be said to be ‘tasteful’. The bags featured in the collection were designed by Tunde Owolabi Studios.

Now, take a look and fall in love.


JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015009 1

JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015016 2jpg

JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015010 3

JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015012 4
JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015005 6JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015022 7JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015028 8JZO-Aremo-Collection-for-2016-BellaNaija-November2015019 9


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