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The ‘TRANS’ Situation


So there was a story on a one-woman theatrical play depicting Jesus as a transgender woman. Yeah, yeah, I know. Really weird, right?

Well, one might think so on the first hearing but once the story is digested, it becomes almost understandable and relatable. This is considering the rate at which the LGBT ‘syndrome’ as I like to call it has been publicised and marketed to a point where people are indifferent to the moral and spiritual, if I may add, deficiencies, so to speak, of this ‘syndrome’ so much so that there are – and I must add that I wasn’t aware of this early enough – people who proudly put it up in their bios on twitter and even in their twitter feed.  They proudly announce in any way they can, some simply subtle and others, just downright raunchy and vulgar. But hey, even that, I can MANAGE to understand.

But the mere concept of a theatrical play depicting Jesus as a transgender is way beyond me. I mean, we’re talking about Jesus here o; the SON of God who died to take away the sins of the world o. and like that’s not enough, the woman, identified as Clifford, says this to The Huffington Post, “There’s a little sermon that reminds the audience that Jesus never had a single word of condemnation for transpeople. The show is a reminder that we have existed throughout this world and many cultures have accepted and celebrated our existence.” I mean, come on people, look at that!! To top it all, when it debuted at the Glasgay Arts festival in 2009, the show was widely objected to by Christian protesters., holding signs that read “God: My Son Is Not A Pervert.” Haa! Christians just had to defend their own Lord and Saviour as that show just seemed to go overboard. You can read the full story here. Just like the situation of the transgender DSTV series that was to be introduced which parents protested against and got banned by the NBC. Hmm, na wa o.

I guess my point is this: since it’s different strokes for different folks, I guess it’s okay for them to live their lives the way they want and do what makes them happy but don’t try to redefine my morals and beliefs by painting everything right ‘cos that in itself is a different kettle of fish. People are not throwing stones at them for their choices so they shouldn’t rub it in other people’s faces at every given opportunity. Now, this is my two cents…..

Peace, love and more peace.

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