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Nigeria is the 18th most unsafe, poorest country in the world!


The Legatum Institute, a London based think-tank released its annual Prosperity Index this week. The index is a massive survey which ranks 142 countries in terms of their so called “prosperity” Many of the countries that feature towards the bottom end of the index have been hit hard by wars and outbreaks of disease, and are generally lacking in strong economies, governments and education systems.

Nigeria, giant of Africa, is ranked as number 18 on the list due to safety and security issues plaguing the country. it is ranked as 5th most unsafe country in the world. Other countries on the list are:

22. Mauritania
21. Malawi
20. Iraq
19. Sierra Leone
18. Nigeria
17. Ethiopia
16. Republic of Congo
15. Zimbabwe
14. Togo
13. Pakistan
12. Guinea
11. Liberia
10. Angola
9. Sudan
8. Yemen
7. Syria
6. Democratic Republic Of Congo
5. Burundi
4. Chad
3. Haiti
2. Afghanistan
1. Central African Republic

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