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5 Best Things About Having A Boyfriend


Speed dating and hangovers may be fun , but nothing is cooler than having someone who is socially obligated to like all your selfies, helps you zip up your dress before you ask,  and thinks the sun shines right out of your butt!

the relief

The relief

Your brain automatically frees up disk space for other useful things other than the exhaustive search for the one! Now you can do other productive with your time.


Valentine’s Day

Singledom makes valentine look like Halloween to a lot of people. Now you don’t have to be one of them. No dreading valentine ever again!

no bbm

Online/Available no more

Busy, busy bee. Your online status auto-change to busy on all chat rooms. Bye bye to all the other guys. Time to go back to friend zone.

couple selfie

Couple selfie

You’ve waited forever for this, haven’t you? The kiss selfie, the half-naked selfie, the “oh he’s so cute when he sleeps” selfie.

awkward sex

And Sex!

It get’s better every time and you don’t have to watch to see if your legs are hanging awkwardly or be ashamed of funny sounds you make during.

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