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Sibling Love


I’m not going to get all historical or mushy here; I’m just going to put this out there for the world to know. There might be a million and one arguments against this my one point and I’m sure there’ll be exceptions too but I’m speaking for the general people.
Never have I, for one, been in love so deeply that that love superseded the love I feel for my siblings. Now here’s the ironic part: siblings are, oh my God, such a handful. I’m so sure I’m speaking for everyone who has a sibling, older or younger. All of you siblings, including me, are such a handful. They do as they like, whether you like it or not. I honestly don’t think anyone has the capacity to annoy me as much as my five siblings. On the other hands, friends, lovers and relationship partners usually try, even if it’s to a little extent to do things that’ll please you, keep you happy, enable peace to reign and all that. Yet even with all these pluses of people who are not ‘blood’, you still can’t help but love your ‘blood’ siblings more.
It just might be a purely natural instinct that we’re, I don’t know whether to say blessed or cursed with, (considering some siblings can annoy the flesh off your skin), but the person who said “blood is thicker than water’ is so right that the word ‘right’ is an understatement.
So to all the world’s siblings out there, even though you bring out both the best and the worst in us, life will be grossly incomplete without you. Shout out to all siblings!!

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