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Exclusive or What?


Read this: Blac Chyna’s man, Future, is “single” and “hooking up with other chicks”…and “I’m okay with it”, she says.
What??? Hell no. Hell to the hell no. Even with society’s implied permission for men to cheat and women to remain faithful, men still understood that once married or courting a woman with intention of marriage, all thoughts of involvement with another is immediately banished, explaining why the men do it secretly and why it’s called ‘cheating’. But cheating is legal/allowed now under the umbrella called ‘non-exclusive’ or ‘open’ relationships which, in layman terms, means being together as a couple and still dating being sexually involved with other people.
My question here is why not just remain single till you find the one person that you can actually connect to? The main idea of being in a relationship is to get familiar and comfortable with a person that you share your very essence with that person in the relationship leading up to marriage. It is kinda understandable when people say that marriage is an abused institution; that people can love and be dedicated to each other without tying themselves down with a piece of paper (marriage certificate). But this non-exclusivity idea, I don’t get. It has ‘standardized’ infidelity with men and made women feel the need to explore. Women now feel the need to fulfill their ideas of the perfect man in and with other men. It is no longer new to see couples ‘hooking up’ with other people since they are not exclusive.
There are so many other issues wrong with this phenomenon; STDs, the lack of permanency,being the option among many options, just too many things. There is really no sane purpose behind the idea of non-exclusivity. Thankfully, this is not a majorly African thing and hopefully will never be. I mean, it’s bad enough that the image of marriage is tarnished but relationships too? So where’s the hope for the future generation in terms of serious committed long-term relationships?
Honestly o, we need to check this. For me personally, honey, we’re either exclusive or nothing at all. Your stand might be different. Let me know. Adios!!!!
Wednesday #Mid-week-Madness.

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