Northern Nigeria

Nigeria’s northern region is a maligned part of the country. Made up of 3 geopolitical zones, the north have been saddled with numerous diatribes some of which are untrue. Considering the security situation, many Nigerians have made it a point of duty not to visit making it a pariah territory.

This skepticism can be observed in the mass redeployment of corps members posted there by the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) to other states of the federation perceived as ‘safe’.

In spite of the negativity, this region is blessed with amazing characteristics that have equipped it with the capacity to dominate Nigeria’s political and economic, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal presents 5 interesting reasons which will encourage you to travel north of the country.

Northern Nigeria 2


Inhabited by Fulani, Hausa, Nupe and other ethnic tribes, the average Northerner is very hospitable.

In fact, they are blessed with so much warmth that leave visitors in awe. They will offer you free rides, housing and give correct prices for a merchandise. The welcome soothes you with a feeling of being at home away from home!

Exotic tourist attractions

The tallest mountain seats in Taraba state, Chappal Waddi; Jos is a wonderful destination with cool weather; Kogi holds Nigeria’s colonial relics; Bauchi has the Yankari National park and there are many other destinations spread across the 19 states that make up the region. You can savour Nigeria’s beauty, culture and wealth here.

Food basket of the nation

Benue is tagged the food basket of the nation as the best of farm products come from there. The farmland is very fertile and large expanse of arable soil are cultivated with cash and food crops. The harvest made feeds the nation as crops are transported to Lagos and other parts of the country.

A clear example is found in the past where groundnut and rice pyramids in Kanoreigned as the nation’s major source of export income. This lends credence to the solid agricultural background of Northern Nigeria.

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The cost of living in the North is inexpensive. Housing, food, transport and other life necessities are cheap – a huge advantage this territory has over other Nigerian regions.


Many prospective Nigerian students are trooping to the North for university education. They are taking advantage of the central government’s policy on lowering the cut-off mark for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in less educationally developed states, giving more students access to secure admission in Northern Universities.\


Source: Iheanyi Igboko