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DIY: How To Make Your Own BB Cream


There are a lot of good reasons to hop on the BB cream bandwagon. Who doesn’t like sheer coverage with a little extra SPF and moisturizing goodness? But if it’s just moisturizer, SPF and a little tint, then why can’t we make it ourselves? Say it with us: YES WE CAN!

Things you’ll need:

  • Moisturizer with SPF
  • Primer (for oily skin)
  • Liquid foundation/ concealer
  • Liquid illuminator (optional)

Before you give it a try, here are some things to remember:

For more tint, add more foundation. Don’t skimp on the moisturizer though because you still want all the hydration you’d get from a real BB cream.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a drop of your favorite serum or change up the formulation to get a personalized product. Just be sure to jot down your recipe so you’ll remember when it’s time to make your next batch.

Let’s Begin:

1. Squeeze out a nickel-size amount of SPF-rich moisturizer onto your mixing surface. An SPF-rich moisurizer will give you both hydration and sun protection throughout the day.

2. For a glowing radiance, add 1/2 teaspoon of a liquid illuminator to the moisturizer.  You may want to experiment with the one that works best with your skin tone. Adding an illuminator that is lighter than your skin tone can end up with a glittering/shimmery look that will have a white tint in photos.

3. Add roughly 1/4 teaspoon of liquid foundation/concealer to your mixture. This will give you coverage, but since it’s cut with moisturizer and illuminator, it will be just the right amount for a smooth, light finish.

4. Mix all three products together thoroughly and apply to your face with your fingers or a brush. Set with a translucent powder to look BB-fresh all day!
A couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • If you have skin on the oily side, try subbing in a primer into your mixture.
  • For a bit more color, try a bronze liquid illuminator instead of one that perfectly matches your skin tone.
  • You can mix your self-tanner right into your BB cream too!

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