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Creative Genie of the Month: Doctor Madu Yagazie



On this weeks creative genie, we have  a talented professional photographer who is also a Doctor of optometry. She has been in the photography industry for quite some time and she is actually going to take us through her journey . Relax and enjoy as you read through this story...

My name is MADU YAGAZIE a Doctor of Optometry and a professional Photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Doctor Madu Yagazie

I've been fascinated about photography since I was a kid especially because my Dad had a camera and took a lot of pictures of my siblings and I when we were kids. Ofcourse I didn't understand anything about it then, but I definitely remember being fascinated by the camera and pictures. My first camera ever was a Polaroid Cam gifted to me by my Uncle. It was like my best friend...and I felt so sad when the film finished and I couldn't easily buy a new one. My Mum also had a digital camera I would ALWAYS steal and get scolded a lot for it...lol. I got my first kodak digital camera in 2008 with the last £50 I had everywhere! That didn't bother me at all cos that was the best gift I had ever given myself at the time.

So generally i'ld say my passion grew over time even though I didn't realize it. I moved to Lagos for my internship in 2011 and the very first thing on my to-do list was to get a short training in photography, understand how the camera works and take better pictures as a hobby! : ) little did I know that hobby will eventually turn put to be a full time business.

I've had a lot of challenges overtime...God has showed himself soo strong in my life helping me overcome them, even at the present stage of my business. Some of them at the time was - Combining Photography with my profession

- Finances to start up the business
- Managing my business and consistently working hard to improve on my skill and do better with every new project.

it was a HUGE challenge managing the two professions especially because they both require Time, commitment and dedication. I don't even know how I did, it was definitely God working through me. Presently I'm into photography full time while still working out a good plan on how to incorporate my profession into it.


For now I haven't worked with any celebrities yet. When I'm not working I spend time with my Fiancé, my family & friends, watch movies, read books and Hang out with other photographers. My  hobbies includes taking pictures, traveling , cooking, playing tennis.


I would advice future upcoming photographers to  Just Do it! Get a training (no matter how short), Buy a camera you can afford, share your work...no matter how tacky they may be when you start, study works from great masters of art & photography and Practice Practice Practice..


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