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Things You Didn’t Know About Nicki Minaj (Including Her Guilty Pleasure)



1. The inspiration for her newest bust-shaped bottle? It’s an ode to her inner blonde bombshell. “Last year, I did a photo shoot as a blonde, and I felt inspired and powerful — a sultry bombshell” she reveals.

2. Her DIY makeup is super toned down. “I can do a full face from start to finish, [but] when I do my own makeup, I love it looking fresh and clean, [so] I go very light on the skin.”


3. She may dress crazier than the average girl, but the inside of her purse looks pretty much like ours: “gum, money, jewelry, lotion, hand sanitizer and lip gloss.”

4. She keeps black eyeliner in her pantry, because, duh, “It’s my obsession.” (That’s the same reason we keep Oreos in our pantry.)

5. That glowing skin in her latest video? She come by it naturally — and “never does face masks.”

6. Her primping motto: No pain, no gain. And her top ouch-inducing beauty treatment of choice: “The painful process of threading.”

7. The Queens native’s favorite hot spots in N.Y.C include “lots of food places: Negril and Gloria’s [for] West Indian food. And you can’t forget the malls! Green Acres Mall, Kings Plaza, and the Jamaica Coliseum Mall.”


8. And if she could go “H.A.M.” on any indulgent food without any consequences? “Warm brownies with vanilla ice cream.” We’re with her there.

9. Her favorite beach is “anything in Trindad. It’s home!”

10. Finally, what does one of the most entertaining women in the world rely on for her own entertainment? “I was recently watching Kandi’s Wedding on Bravo – [there's] so much drama! I also love anything on Investigation Discovery.” So next time you tweet Nicki, you know what to talk about.



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