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5 Makeup Tricks to Transform Your Look



Just as you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall (You wouldn't wear spaghetti straps in October, right?), the same should be done with your cosmetics. We are offering you tips on how to update your look—without spending big bucks.

Experiment with new shades

Updating your color palette is the easiest way to freshen your look. "Coral is the hottest shade right now and the most universally flattering. Trust us the latest shades are not your grandmother's coral! If you only want to invest in one new product this season, make it a sheer coral lipstick.


Update your foundation:

Show off your skin this season. Heavy, cakey, and powered foundations are a thing of the past. It's all about sheer formulas that allow your natural texture freckles and all to come through. "Light airbrushed spray foundations are really big and help you create a dewy, fresh look.

Spring clean your makeup bag:

Now is the perfect time to go through your bathroom drawers and toss those products that have been rattling around in there for years. Makeup has a limited shelf life, especially mascara, which should be replaced every three months. Also, don't forget to clean your brushes regularly; not only does this sanitize and extend the longevity of your tools, it also helps with product application.


Go for bold lips:

Put away your gloss—lipstick is back! We recommends trying bold shades like coral, rose, and watermelon. "There's nothing better than a light bronzer on the skin, a bright bolt of color on your lips, and a sundress," she says. "Any woman, no matter her age, skin tone or where she lives, can rock that style and look modern and fresh."


Prime your skin

Invest in a luminizing face primer. It makes skin look radiant and helps makeup go on evenly—and stay on. Primers also even out skin tone and reflect light off your face, giving your skin a luminous look. It's the secret weapon of many celebrities!

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