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10 Hot Celebrity Vacation Looks



Sure, we could spend our time being jealous of lavish celebrity getaways we'll never afford, but why not just bask in the sheer beauty of them instead? Here are 10 sexy celebrity vacation looks to get you started, and maybe they'll even get you planning a dream vacation all your own.


Jet setting dream couple Beyonce and Jay Z are fabulously styled, even while on relaxing vacations. Pictured here is the beautiful Queen B on such an occasion, playfully mixing patterns for this sexy look. beyounce

Paris Hilton

Most may think she has simply rode on the fame and fortune of her Hilton family, which is, well, basically the truth. That doesn't mean that Paris doesn't do it in style, though. Pictured here is the heiress in Formentera, Spain in a particularly sexy look of floppy hat and intricately beaded swimsuit cover-up. parishilton  


Rihanna knows how to vacation like a pro, making her visits to luxury locations the perfect balance of partying and basking in the sun. This look is a perfect example of the glamorous looks she chooses, and this flowing swimsuit and jumper hybrid suits the songstress well. rihanna

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has taken the modeling industry by storm. It definitely has something to do with her family's good genes, but in Greece she wore this airy, relaxed vacation look--yacht included--like she was born to. kendler

Katie Holmes

Supermom Katie Holmes makes sure to squeeze in healthy amounts of vacation time, especially with young Suri. She doesn't leave her chic style at home while relaxing, however, and looks gorgeous poolside with a laid back, floppy hat on. katiehomes

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her lengthy success as a fashion model and TV personality. She also works her model magic while off-duty, and looks sexy in a breezy, dyed swimsuit cover and natural hair and makeup. Heidi Klum & Family Enjoy Their Hawaiian Vacation

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen, who tends toward dressing in sleek looks for her everyday style, likes to sport a more stripped down side of herself while on vacation. It's totally sexy to let loose and relax, and she definitely works this look of a loose, bohemian cover-up and freshly wet tresses well. ashley


This superstar has done it all--singing, acting, TV hosting, and even fashion design. When her schedule isn't packed to the brim, however, she and hot husband Josh Duhamel let loose on lavish beach getaways. She does the beach look so well, especially while donning a sporty bikini which looks oh-so-sexy on a body usually covered in glamorous garb. Fergie

Jessica Alba

Actress, mother, business woman, and sex icon Jessica Alba has so much going on that she deserves to splurge on luxurious vacationing. She chooses to lounge in locations such as Cabo San Lucas and St. Barts, and she stays on top of her sexy looks by casually sporting outfits such as this one--a bikini, a hip hat, and a sexy kimono.   Jessica Alba

Whitney Port

This style icon, fashion designer, and author who got her start on reality television refuses to put her fashion sense aside when jet-setting to vacation spots. She always opts for a sexy beach ensemble over a plain ol' bikini, and this polka dotted bandeau swimsuit is the perfect example of her chic taste. Whitney Port

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