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The lady behind the innovative women talk show on radio called “wivesroundtable”



Wivesroundtable is an inspiring radio program on – 92.3 Inspiration FM Lagos, every Thursday from 8.05pm. A platform called www.wivesroundtable.net was then created for women to converge and discuss whatsoever they wish, with people who can relate, without fear. Today we will be disclosing to our readers the brain behind this wonderful idea and also make you understand more of what the radio program is all about as you sit back and read. May we know you?My name is Amaka Obi, a graduate of computer science from the University of Calabar with an MBA in Marketing Management from Lagos State University. I am a wife and a mother of 2 (for now. Lol) I love meeting people, I love being of help to people, I love making an impact in someone’s life. I am down to earth and fun loving and I love being around people who are too. I am a Christian and I believe so much in God and His grace! 1.      How did Wives Round Table come to be?Wivesroundtable was born out of the realization that married women were expected to ‘suck it up’ and move on no matter what they felt or what they were going through. Women pass through various things at one point or the other. Sometimes, they need advice or suggestions or they may just want someone to listen to them, but they have no one or nowhere to turn to because they are afraid of being judged, of being prejudiced or of being labelled as being in ‘bad marriages’. So I decided that a platform was needed, where women can converge and discuss whatsoever they wish, with people who can relate, without fear of any other above. A place where they can let down their hairs and just be themselves and say their minds. (Wivesroundtable is on radio – 92.3 Inspiration FM Lagos, every Thursday from 8.05pm and also online at www.wivesroundtable.net) For Wivesroundtable on radio, we discuss issues that affect women in general and married women in particular. We touch on issues from all facets of life – social, medical, lifestyle, family, parenting etc  2.      What was your Motivation/Inspiration to start a forum like this?Like I said earlier, I love to be of help to people (in my own little way), I love to make an impact and I realized women didn’t have much avenues to actually be themselves, say their minds or reach out to other women. So all these combined, inspired me to create Wivesroundtable my profile 3.      What are the challenges you have faced so far in the cause of this journey?Wow! The challenges have almost been crippling but God has been faithful! 1st of all, I was faced with the challenge of actually putting together what I had in mind to become something that will be workable. Packaging my idea was my 1st challenge. After I had done that, I faced having to source for funds to make things happen. I spent all I had saved and was almost packing up shop when God just came through for me. Slowly but surely, Wivesroundtable started picking up. People started loving the show and wanting to associate with it and from the radio show, the online platform started picking up as well. Also, convincing people to actually come on the radio program as guests has been quite challenging because we Nigerians are a suspicious people. (LOL) Some people are still being very suspicious about the whole idea and wondering what it’s about. But a lot of people, people who understand, have actually come through and so that is gradually working out now (By His grace) I am not there yet but I thank God for where I am today. 4.      How do u balance being a wife, Mother, an entrepreneur as well as manage issues concerning wives and homes in this side of the World?1st of all, I have to thank God for the man I married. He has a good, solid head on his shoulders. (LOL) He helps me and supports me and organizes things for me when I am getting confused (which happens sometimes). So balancing work and home is kind of easier than it would have being otherwise. Secondly, I know and admit that I am no superwoman. So I don’t pretend I am. When I am overwhelmed, I ask for help straight! I don’t try to do everything by myself. As for managing wives and homes, when I am asked for advice or suggestions, I seek out marriage counsellors or certified family therapists who know a lot in these areas and get answers that will help. 5.      What is your advice to anyone out there that wants to be part of Wivesroundtable? – Wivesroundtable is for EVERY WOMAN out there! Anyone who wishes to can head over to www.wivesroundtable.net and sign up to join the conversations there. Sign up is free and very straight forward. You sign up with an assumed name (So that your identity is secured). Once you’ve signed up, you can add a topic or join an existing conversation. Also, anyone who wishes to be a guest on our radio show can just send us a mail to wivesroundtable@gmail.com. And we’ll send you the details. smooth1. 6.      What do you advice those of us that are not married to do in other to get married? Be the kind of person a man needs in his life (not just wants). Don’t go all out searching for a man, do your bit to be a better YOU and your man will come for you. Not being married does not make any one any less of a woman; it just makes you still open and available to make the right choice. And also having a relationship with the Almighty is vital!   7.      Please a word of advice for those that have a dream like yours but do not know how to start it. – My advice will come in the form of ‘P’s. What do I mean? It’s The 7 Ps to achieving your dreams; Purpose – find your purpose Packaging - Package your purpose Product – create a product from your purpose Platform – find a platform Perform – perform well on your chosen platform People – seek people that appreciate your product

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