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10 Rules To Guarantee A Successful Marriage Proposal




Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is one of the most important things that a man will do in his life. So, here are 10 ideas and tips on how to make your marriage proposal a memorable and amazing experience. 1. Know what her answer will be BEFORE you propose. Ever relationship requires communication. If you have communicated with your partner properly and often, then you should have a good idea regarding her thoughts on marriage, and marrying you. Make sure that this is something you both want and are both ready for. 2. Although it is a bit of a dated tradition, ask for her father’s permission before you propose. Sit down with him man-to-man, express your feelings for his daughter, explain why you want to marry her, promise him that you will always love and take care of his daughter, and respectfully ask for his blessing. 3. This is a memorable moment and will be retold over and over again to friends, family, children, etc. Make it a story worth telling! The first question that is asked to any woman who has just gotten engaged, is how did he propose. Don’t make it a story that she will be embarrassed about telling or have to make excuses for why you proposed the way you did. 4. Every woman is different, so make your proposal specific to her taste, not yours. Just because you love sports, doesn’t mean your girlfriend does. And it certainly doesn’t mean she wants to be proposed to at a sporting event. You should know if she wants it to be private or public event with family and friends. 5. Buy the diamond ring before the proposal. Your girlfriend should know a little bit about your financial situation, so don’t overspend and certainly don’t underspend. Many couples go ring shopping beforehand. Find out what cut she likes, get her to show you her favorites, and you can even let her pick it out, but don’t buy it while she is there with you. Go back later and purchase it without her. marriage-proposal 6. Pick a memorable location, song, or occasion. Many people pick the place they met, where they went on there first date, where they had there first kiss, etc. Just make sure that it has some significance for you as a couple. 7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need to get family and friends involved, but be careful, some people have big mouths. If possible, don’t tell them what they are helping you for, just give them a specific task to do. best 8. Know what you are going to say Many people would say to just speak from the heart, and you should. But gather your thoughts beforehand. You don’t need to have a long speech planned, but tell her why you want to marry her, why you love her, and what you will do for her if she says yes. 9. Get down on one knee. This is another one of those “old fashioned” traditions that is a must. The truth is, a proper engagement has you down on one knee looking up at her. marriage-proposal21 10. Video record your proposal. You’ve all seen the hundreds of videos on youtube of other peoples proposals. Now, we aren’t saying you have to put this on the internet, but being able to share this with others can always be fun, and can be a great visual down the road after you’ve been married for years. We’d like to get your ideas on the perfect proposal, or how you proposed. Leave us a comment below and share with us your proposal story.

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