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Aphro-Create: Limbo


You never fought,

You never looked back.

Really, you never did.

We maybe had something,

I was stubborn and hard headed,

Didn’t believe in love.

But that didn’t stop you from loving me.

You let yourself go for me,

But when I needed you to fight for me,

You weren’t there,

You never fought.

I never understood,

I was never patient,

I didn’t believe in love,

But I  knew you loved me.

I was stubborn and hard headed,

But I  needed you to push,

I needed you to fight for me,

Convince me to believe in your kind of love.

I needed to take my time,

I needed to listen to what you had to say,

I needed to try and believe in your kind of love,

But I didn’t,

And you didn’t fight.

Now we’re stuck in this life,

When we keep looking back from time to time.

But we missed our chance,

Cause when you needed to fight,

And I needed to believe,

You didn’t,

And I didn’t.


Written by Ibukun Awosika 

Photo credits: Glamour

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