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Aphro-Create: Aiye


This is just what I feared, thoughts of we are now like needles.

Sharp spikes born of chance, of coincidence and of fate.

Making me wonder if what was,

Existed only in dreams.

I quiver at thoughts of eternal damnation.

This life is after all an audition for the next.

What if just maybe, we twisted the hands of fate?

So when it all goes wrong, we can blame each other.

Ultimately God determines man’s destiny.

Perhaps it would be easier if we could foresee the future and maybe evade life’s sour gifts.

What if I don’t want to?

What if I’d rather bask in the ignorance?

What is I just want to take things as they come?

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

To breathe oxygen is to be trapped.

Look around you, the cages are everywhere.

Happiness just might be an illusion after all.

Perhaps even the greatest deception of all.

Our smiles, our frowns, our joys, our pains, our victories, our losses, all just pawns in the hands of fate.

Our petty issues are really just so minute in the scheme of things.

Living itself is tasking enough, but what other option do we have?

Nobody wants to die: death elicits the desperation to keep breathing.

Insignificance, dancing on the very edge of reason, this is what life brings to our doorsteps.

Choose to chase your dreams of forever live in the shadows.

To live without purpose (a state of being menacing to oneself)

To wallow in the pits of obscurity of rise to the very top of the food chain.

This is the choice every mortal must face.

To live a life of seeming insignificance or go in search of lofty dreams damning the consequences of failure.

Written by Akinbobola Adeyemo 
Photo credits: www.gravityoflife.blogspot.com

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