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Equipping yourself with the right Programming Skills



Most people often get very confused when they want to decide which area of computing and programming skill they should dive into. This is often because individuals are not aware or are less informed to the type of programming functionality each language has. Initially before you decide to dabble into any programming language you need to ask yourself some certain fundamental questions. Which are?
  1. What do I really want to be? This kind of question would assist you in knowing what you actually intend to learn so as to achieve what you want to do. If you have decided you want to be a software programmer or a web developer there are certain languages that you should pick up interest in and build your skills on. This will assist you not to waste time learning the wrong languages which won’t be useful to you in your path.
  2. Do I need to be a web or desktop application developer? This will enable you decide if the application you’re going to build would be a desktops or web application. There are so many languages which can only be used to design web applications but can’t be used to develop desktop application. As for me I choose to be a web developer because of the growing need for web application, websites, mobile apps and some of the advantages of web application.
  3. Getting the right books? There are so many books and video tutorials that are out there for you to learn a programming language. It all depends on the book or material you find out there. You must also take note that as human beings languages evolves, this is because programmers look for better ways of doing things. Hence one should always try to update and learn the new version of the language he or she has chosen to learn. So when buying any material ensure you are getting the most current edition.
  4. Do I have the Time and Patience? Learning a programming language has to do with a lot of patience and time. Programming require dedication and constant time, where you have to deprive yourself from sleeping. A little omission of a comma might make a programme not to compile at all. Hence this require you to take your time and look at the code again and see what is wrong with the code. Most times if you find yourself in this kind of situations I will advise you to leave the work and go and play or spend time doing anything fun. After taken enough time out go back to the code and you will find what is wrong with the code.
  5. Do I want to be a backend or front end developer? Again this choice is also good, although most people like myself chose both. The front end consist of the front design and the aesthetics of the application been developed by the programmer why the backend consist of the programs that enables the application to function effectively. For a web application, the back-end usually uses one of the following: Python, Ruby, PHP, Java or .Net and database. The front-end uses languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some design skill. Computer-Code
Once you have clearly answered those question you would be able to decide the kind of language you should try your hands on. There are so many programming languages existing today and some of them are more popular than some. Some of the most important programming languages includes, HTML, CSS, JavaScrip, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, Jquery, Ajax and C. You have a handful of time to decide what you want to become, like they say the choice is there for you to make.   Written By: Eyebug

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