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7 Things successful people have in common



The essence of life is to live it in such a way as to contribute to others in terms of service, knowledge sharing, inventions, etc. A lot more people are unsuccessful as compared to successful people at present. One in-debatable attribute of success is that its fruits transcend geographical boundaries, religion, tribe and ethnicity, nationality, colour race, sex, generations, etc. Study has shown that successful people do not necessarily have big bank account balances or properties but, their contribution and influence on humanity far and near are unquantifiable. However, successful people have most of the attributes below: steve-jobs Failure: The only one thing that turned the course of life of many successful people is setback experienced as some point of their lives. Disadvantage is common to many of successful people. Triumphing over despairs and failures may have informed trials and consideration of other ways of doing things. The results are new technologies, methodologies, products, business lines, policies, etc. Successful people are known to have turned their failures positively into stepping stones for better and greater heights in life and career. oprah-whiteshirt Courage: The courage to dive into unexplored fields of human endeavours stands prominent in the story of many successful individual. Most of them start from ground ups in their chosen fields or improve on the gaps in a chosen field. Successful people have always defined new ways, procedures, attempting the impossible, risks taking and recognizing unusual opportunities. Problem solving attitude: Identifying problems is a meticulous exercise that involves the time, painstaking, mind and body effort. Successful people spend most of their life finding solutions to seemingly impossible for ordinary people. People became successful because of their quest to solve a problem by designing new techniques and implementing methodologies to better humanity. Bill-Gates Believe: It is difficult to separate successful people from what they really believe in. Study has revealed that majority of them do not have higher college degrees and even college drop outs because they were able to have found and pursued believes of theirs. They have specialized training or basic upbringing to help their dreams and choice of careers. They gave up everything else to practice things continuously until they realized dreams of theirs. Aftermath is what we have now as new fields of study and research areas in colleges and universities. Start from ground up: People have always found it difficult to start anything about dreams/ careers of theirs, because of fear of failure or lack of precedence. Most people fall in the category of waiting for all conditions to start a business or any things else. It is equally true even when the conditions are met; procrastination may be another setback for many people. Successful people may never have an example in their fields of endeavours, but started-off with strong resolve, determination and unflinching pursuits. Discovery: Another thing that puts successful people on the edge is rarely finding answers to relevant questions, inquisitive mindset and adventurous minds in other to improve knowledge and inherent problems. Success comes with hard work and painstaking. Failure is inevitable in this process but could be a stepping stone or opportunity to try out new things. Responsibility: All humans are by nature lovers of comfort, luxury and pleasure. One’s ability to accept and pickup tasks to improve others and own life distinguish successful people from others. Majority of them seek to make others feel free from pain and live longer, simplify processes of doing things and contribute to well-being of others. Many innovations and inventions are product of pain, hard work, motivations and inspirations.   Written By: Abraham Alfa

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